Twenty-five years ago, our founders, Danny and Marco, started BELLA+CANVAS to make the highest quality blank apparel in the industry. Since day one, investing in America has been an important factor to how we do business. We get a lot of questions about where our products are made, so this post breaks it all down for you!

What is USA Strong Production?

Here at BELLA+CANVAS, we have a USA-strong approach to production. What this means is that almost the entire manufacturing process takes place right here in America. We’re designing it here, dyeing it here and cutting it here. Then we either send those cut pieces to Central America to be assembled or across the street to be sewn on our Los Angeles cutting floor. That’s why our neck labels might say “Assembled in Guatemala, of U.S. Components” for example!

Putting American Jobs First

American manufacturing has been important to Danny and Marco since they first started the business, and we have workers who have grown with us since day one. Our USA strong production model is built on America’s strengths, which includes investing in technology to yield a higher quality garment. This has allowed us to continue creating thousands of American jobs, and today BELLA+CANVAS is the largest dyer and cutter of apparel in the U.S. Check out this video below and keep reading for a tour that shows you how our garments are made.

See where our garments are made in the video below!


We source the best, long staple cotton from the best cotton growers in the world. Then, what’s unique about BELLA+CANVAS is we work with the yarn spinners to control the DNA of our Airlume jersey fabric and are involved in every stage of the process – from spinning to knitting, to dyeing. Everything is dyed in Los Angeles using seven times less water than the average apparel manufacturer and only using only high energy, eco-friendly dyes. When dyeing massive amounts of fabric, like we do at BELLA+CANVAS, consistency across different dye lots is of critical importance. Because when you order a cardinal shirt, you expect it to be the same exact color as the cardinal shirts you ordered six months ago. This can be hard to do if you’re dyeing fabric in multiple countries, like many manufactures do. By dyeing all of our fabric in Los Angeles, we have complete control and can maintain our high quality standards.


We have the most technologically advanced cutting floor in North America. Each of our cutting tables are equipped to cut millions of pieces a week with unmatched precision. It’s our investment in this laser guided-cutting technology that allows us a level of consistency you won’t find anywhere else in the industry. It’s crazy to think, but a lot of manufacturers still cut by hand, which creates inconsistency in spec sizing. All of our cutting is open-width cutting, meaning it’s meant for side-seamed construction. Even though the alternative, tubular production, is cheaper, we refuse to sacrifice the quality of our fit, which is why we only make side-seamed tees at BELLA+CANVAS. Our manufacturing is also completely eco-friendly. This cutting facility is powered by solar panels and all of the excess fabric you see is recycled.

Learn more about our eco-friendly practices in the video below!


The T-shirt assembly process is the only stage in our production that’s not done 100% in the United States. Our sewing is split between our U.S. and Central America factories. This model allows us to keep the cost of our garments at an affordable price, while continuing to invest in American jobs. We only work with factories that have the same high ethical and environmental standards as our Platinum WRAP Certified U.S. factory and have a team of people who work to ensure everything is sweatshop-free and above board – meaning fair wages and pleasant working conditions.


After the garments are sewn and have been through our extensive quality control process, they all come to our 400,000 square foot distribution center, and we’re expanding into the massive building next door because we’ve outgrown the first one. Between the inventory we have combined with what’s at our distribution partners, there are more than 70 million BELLA+CANVAS garments in stock.

We made the choice early on in our business to never cut corners and to manufacture the right way. At every stage of our production, we evaluate the social and environmental impact we will have. These factors drive our decisions more than things like cost and convenience. More than ever before, consumers are educating themselves on the products they buy, and shaping the world by supporting brands who share their values. Let your customers know you share their values by going with BELLA+CANVAS.

Where is BELLA+CANVAS Made? In-Depth Look at USA Strong Production
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Where is BELLA+CANVAS Made? In-Depth Look at USA Strong Production
Since day one, investing in America has been an important factor to how we do business. We get a lot of questions about where our products are made, so this post breaks it all down for you!
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