The Right Color For Your Brand

Ever wondered what the first factor is when making a buying decision? Hint: It starts with the eyes. Color has the largest influence in immediate buying decisions in our wholesale apparel world. When it comes to choosing apparel, buyers of course want a great quality t-shirt, but at the end of the day, color is what most likely initiated that buying decision as it is the first judgement a customer makes on a product. 

We want you to feel confident about your options when you sell to your customers, and BELLA+CANVAS wants to provide you with what you need to seal the deal. To make this easier on you, we recently added a new feature to our website—the Shop By Color function, which should make navigating our assortment by color easier than ever! 

Shop By Color Tool

Here’s how this new tool works: 

Step 1: Go to 

Step 2: Find the Shop By Color tab in the top banner navigation

Step 3: Explore color families

Step 4: Discover your color of choice

Step 5: Mark it as a favorite

Step 6. Shop all styles offered in that color

You can also use the search bar on this page to find your color of choice and see the selection of styles offered in that specific color.   

Another way you can use this new function is trying the color family tabs. For example, let’s say you were wanting to find a new shade of blue for your apparel line but are not sure which is best for you and your brand or customers. Try the Color family tabs to see the wide range of shades of blue BELLA+CANVAS has to offer. (Pictured below) 

shop by color

We are so excited for you to use this new Shop By Color function as we know it will make your job a little easier and allow you to cover more ground, in less time. Remember, the right color means a great deal to our customers, and we want BELLA+CANVAS to be your color destination. 


Want to learn how to use this tool more in depth? Watch here.


Strength in Numbers

Wondering just how many colors BELLA+CANVAS offers for each product? Without getting too deep in the details , here are a few of our bestsellers and the number of colors offered in each: 

  • The 3001 and 3001CVC currently feature 121 colors combined
  • The 3413 features 52 colors 
  • The 3719 features 38 fleece colors, including 3 new DTG fleece colors, perfect for DTG printing! 


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Shop By Color: Our New Navigation Tool for You
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Shop By Color: Our New Navigation Tool for You
Ever wondered what the first factor is when making a buying decision? Hint: It starts with the eyes.
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