Street Fleece: The Future of Fashion

BELLA+CANVAS’ Street Fleece Collection is here in a way you’ve never seen before. The athleisure trend, made up of hoodies, sweatshirts, and joggers, has taken over the fashion industry and looks like it won’t be leaving anytime soon. Because of the street style influence we wanted to create a visual experience that authentically represented where some of these street styles come from.

Why Street Fleece?

“Street Fleece is about everything that is happening right now in fashion,” says our Co-Founder, Danny Harris. “It’s our way of helping customers tap into the trends they see at fashion week, or in their Instagram feeds. Everything is about hoodies, sweatshirts and joggers—in the right colors, with statement graphics.”

The fashion landscape has been trending towards a more casual way of dressing for years, in part because consumers, as opposed to designers and brands, have been dictating the terms. Influencers and tastemakers have elevated the previously underground streetwear movement to the mainstream. The fact that a logoed sweatshirt is now a fashion statement, means fleece is no longer just a seasonal, cold-weather item. Fleece is fashion, which our team at BELLA+CANVAS knows well. Just as the wholesale industry has been seeing a shift from carded open-end cotton tees to premium basics in the last several years, there is now a conversion happening in the Fleece category as well. Fleece is all about comfort and end customers want something that feels high- end.

What is the Street Fleece Made From?

The Street Fleece collection features over 15+ styles, 50 colors and is made with BELLA+CANVAS’ signature sponge fleece fabric that customers request by name. Made from scratch of the highest-quality combed and ring-spun yarn, it’s a mid-weight fabric with amazing stretch and recovery, and a brushed, plush inside that is incredibly soft.

Behind The Campaign

The Street Fleece campaign, shot in the streets of Los Angeles, includes several videos that feature hip-hop dancers, as opposed to models. We wanted to create a bold campaign that solidifies BELLA+CANVAS as the go-to brand for fleece. The underground movement is so critical to streetwear, we felt that casting our usual models would be inauthentic. So instead, we cast real people—who also just happened to be incredible dancers.”

Beyond the campaign videos, we will be launching a 6-part series on our YouTube channel all about printing on fleece. The series will be a collaboration with Ink Kitchen and Motion Textile. Our goal is to educate our customers on why they might want to opt for fleece over a typical tee. Part of that education includes inspiring them with decoration ideas.

So what do you think? Are you excited to add Street Fleece to your Bella+Canvas collection? Let us know in the comments below!


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Street Fleece: The Future of Fashion
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Street Fleece: The Future of Fashion
Because of the street style influence we wanted to create a visual experience that authentically represented where some of these street styles come from.
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