This week’s blog post is a guest post, by ShirtSpace, who covers the difference between tubular and side-seamed tees. ShirtSpace is an online retailer of blank apparel for adults and kids… so we trust their knowledge about T-shirts! Keep reading for more info.

For a seemingly simple garment, t-shirts are available in an extremely wide range of styles and brands. As such, finding the perfect t-shirt is no easy task! But, with a general understanding regarding the two basic ways t-shirts are constructed, you’re well on your way to finding high quality tees that fit well, feel good, and look great.   

The two distinct methods of construction that dominate the blank tee shirt and apparel industry are seam-side and tubular. Here’s what you need to know about both.

Side-Seam Tees: Classic Construction and Flattering Shape

As the name suggests, side-seam tees have seams sewn down each side of the shirt. These are typically what you’ll find in a retail setting and are a wardrobe staple for most.

Available in many styles including tailored and trendy, loose and boxy, and athletic too, side-seam t-shirts provide a more structured look than their tubular tee counterparts. They are undoubtedly more figure-flattering for men, women, and children alike.

While the method of construction makes side-seam tees more expensive to manufacture the wholesale apparel industry has seen a major shift in consumer preference to side-seam tees despite the cost being more expensive. Consumers are by and large looking for fashion-forward men’s and women’s t-shirts that would be found in a retail setting.

Tubular Tees: Less Fashionable, Less Expensive

Tubular t-shirts are constructed without the use of side seams. They require less sewing, are generally created using a single piece of cloth, and are less expensive to manufacture.

While it costs less to manufacture tubular tees, they are not as fashionable or figure-flattering as side-seams t-shirts. Given that the human body is not one big tube, these tees lack structure and style. But, if fashion is not a factor and cost is the bottom line, tubular tees are a great way to stock up on cheap t-shirts.

Color, brand, cut, and style are all important considerations when choosing a t-shirt. But, understanding the difference between side-seam and tubular shirts is the best place to start. This basic knowledge will help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect tee you’ve been looking for.

Side-Seam or Tubular T-Shirts? Pros and Cons
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Side-Seam or Tubular T-Shirts? Pros and Cons
This week’s blog post is a guest post, by ShirtSpace, who covers the difference between tubular and side-seamed tees.
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