Continuing our “BELLA+CANVAS x ____” collaboration narrative, we’ve partnered with Wanderlust Creamery, arguably the best artisanal ice cream brand for international flavors. Born-and-raised in Los Angeles and founded by partners Adrienne Borlongan and Jon-Patrick Lopez, the creamery is known most for its unique flavors inspired by the travels of the aforementioned founders. Walk into any of the brand’s seven locations and you’ll most likely find a flavor you’ve grown up with from whichever country or culture you’re from.

Wanderlust’s diverse range of flavors includes everything from Sticky Rice + Mango to Abuelita Malted Crunch to their hallmark Pandan Tres Leches—the flavor that speaks on the team’s Southern California upbringing and helped put them on the map for creating deep-culture flavors. We focused on Pandan Tres Leches for the design of the collection. The flavor fuses the Southeast Asian essence of “Pandan” with the ever-classic Mexican dessert “Tres Leches.” It’s a combination that works so well that bakeries and other ice cream stores have tried mimicking the soon-to-be Wanderlust trademarked flavor.

Featuring three styles from BELLA+CANVAS’ retail line, the limited-edition capsule collection includes our patented Airlume Cotton Crew Tee; our Tie Dye DTM Street Hoodie; and our Tie Dye Scrunch Pant. The collection as a whole brings on a cross-section display of a pint of Wanderlust Creamery‘s Pandan Tres Leches, with its key ingredients highlighted and the flavor’s title emblazoned above.

Officially announced on April 25, the three-piece collaborative collection will see a price tag of around $38-$58, and will be available for purchase on the BELLA+CANVAS webstore, at our two retail stores and on Wanderlust Creamery’s own webstore. If you haven’t checked out our other collaboration with Koreatown-based smash burger restaurant LOVE HOUR, read all about it here!

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BELLA+CANVAS x Wanderlust Creamery: the Artisanal Ice Cream Brand Known for its International Flavors
Continuing our "BELLA+CANVAS x ____" collaboration narrative, we've partnered with Wanderlust Creamery, arguably the best artisanal ice cream brand for international flavors.
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