If you’ve been following us on Instagram lately, you’ve definitely seen some of our Technical Fit videos. These videos, which have been released every Monday since late January, are a part of a series created to give a whole new perspective on some of our top-selling styles. From unique features to color offering, each video breaks down one particular style, highlighting the quality and characteristics that make the garment so lovable.

While we do our best to create distinct styles that fall in line with what’s trending in retail, we ensure that all BELLA+CANVAS products keep consistent quality by incorporating the same key features in all garments.

Side Seams

BELLA+CANVAS will never produce a tubular tee. All of our products have side seams. A tubular tee is essentially a tube around the human body, like a sock. As we’ve mentioned, fit is very important to us, so even though it’s the more time-consuming and premium option, our garments are designed to fit the human body in the most flattering way.

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Retail Fit

You can also rely on BELLA+CANVAS for our “retail fit”, which means our tees don’t fit like your standard boxy promo tee. Ours unisex style is more tailored with fitted sleeves. The standard practice in wholesale is to just take a size medium and increase or decrease the grading across all fit points. So what ends up happening, for example, is the sleeve of a size XXL becomes disproportionately oversized. Our technical fitting results in T-shirts that are flattering, comfortable and in line with what you’ll find in retail stores.

Tear-Away Tags

A few years ago, we started implementing 100% tear-away tag production. All of our garments feature a tag that can be easily ripped out to make room for customization. It’s a super cost effective way for someone creating a brand to make it seem like they were the ones to manufacture the garments.

Sweatshop Free + Eco-Conscious Manufactured

We have a USA-Strong manufacturing approach, meaning we do all dyeing, cutting and fulfillment in the U.S. We do some sewing in Los Angeles as well, but the rest is done in Central America at facilities that are exactly like the ones we manage here in the U.S. We’re also very eco-conscious, using seven times less water in our dyeing process and producing virtually zero waste.

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Now it’s time to learn more about a few of our top-selling styles in the Tech Fit videos below!

Tech Fit: Unisex Jersey Tee (3001)

Tech Fit: Women’s Muscle Tee (8804)

Tech Fit: Unisex Triblend Tee (3413)

Tech Fit: Women’s Favorite Tee (6004) & Women’s Relaxed Fit Tee (6400)

Tech Fit: Unisex Baseball Tee (3200)

Tech Fit: Women’s Flowy Racerback Tank (8800)

Check out all the videos in the playlist below.

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