While you most likely know us as a wholesale apparel company, for the past couple of years BELLA+CANVAS has been putting in the moves to build a front-facing retail presence. Officially launching our Retail line in 2020, along with opening the doors to our retail store now on Rodeo Drive and Newport Beach’s Fashion Island, we’ve been growing BELLA+CANVAS Retail through events, partnerships and projects to help build more of an experience for anyone wanting to buy off-the-rack directly from us. One such effort is our collaboration initiative that sees us partnering with creative names and entities to build fun and organic collaborative collections.

Our new collaboration division keeps us flexible with who we partner up with, as it’s safe to say that there’s no shortage of creatives, from brands to individuals under all facets of creative culture. This is why we’ve dubbed the division “BELLA+CANVAS x _______,”  which allows us to simply insert the name of the partner for that collab. Whether you’re an artist duo from LA like Shelby and Sandy, to an environmental advocacy organization like TreePeople, we’re here to connect and build something fun with visionaries, disruptors and creatives the world over.

Stay tuned for our BELLA+CANVAS x TreePeople collaboration to drop later this week, followed by our Tastemakers series that sees us tapping two cult-favorite food brands from Los Angeles: Smash Burger joint, LOVE HOUR, and travel-inspired artisanal ice cream brand Wanderlust Creamery.