Two Easy Color Hacks for T-Shirt Printing

Creating a unique color combo is a great way to create a design that stands out. The key is approaching this technique with a less is more mindset. All it takes is a single color print to work around. Here are two easy color hacks for t-shirt printing.


Tonal print is when the ink is a shade lighter or darker than the garment its printed. This requires minimal effort for an elevated look. Start with a soft plastisol ink with a very low viscosity base in the same PMS color as your garment, and add a tiny drop of black pigment into the ink.

By doing this, you’re allowing the color of your t-shirt to do the work for you by the contrast of the light shading effect of the ink and the color of the garment, as the color of the garment shows through the semi clear base ink.

This technique also works in reverse, if you wanted to start with a clear base and add white pigment, you would lighten the garment color.


Finding the right color combo can be easy, finding the rightcomplementary color combo can takes a little more. One great trick is to choose a t-shirt color that is complementary to your designer logo but is just a shade lighter or darker than your garment.

An easier hack is to simply choose the color on the opposite side of the color spectrum of your garment. Can seem jarring at first but there’s an art to this seemingly simple technique. When printed properly the combined contrasting colors create an eye-popping impact.

Let us know how these hacks helped inspire your next design!