We know there a lot of people out there interested in starting a clothing brand — but where do you even begin? In the past, we’ve given you a list of tips to keep in mind, and now we’re here to provide tangible tools you can use to get up and running.


First things first, you’ll have to decide what type of products you want to sell. And that’s where BELLA+CANVAS comes into play! T-shirts are universal. People wear them every day all across the world. Other apparel products, such as hats or flip flops, for example, cost a lot of money up front, and the cut and sew route can also take a hit on your wallet. With BELLA+CANVAS, you are guaranteed to get retail-quality and consistently-made garments at a wholesale price. With the highest quality fabrics and fast-forward silhouettes, we have something your customer will love! Get wholesale tees either through our website or one of our distributors.

Drop Shipping

If you’re new to starting a clothing brand, we highly recommend using a drop shipping service, such as Printful. You won’t have to worry about fulfilling your own orders or dealing with dropping off shipments at the post office. Finding a partner that is one-stop-shop is great when you’re first starting out, because it gives you the freedom to spend your time worrying about how to market and grow your business. Just make sure to look for a fulfillment partner that offers a variety of BELLA+CANVAS tees!


Once you determine the type of product you want to sell and who can create and ship it, the next phase is figuring out actually how and where to sell it. Shopify is another great resource. It’s an easy-to-use e-commerce platform that gives you the freedom to own your brand, build relationships with customers and on top of it, easily sell your goods. The e-commerce site works seamlessly with a lot of fulfillment companies, so once your customer orders a product through your website it’s printed and shipped straight to them!


There are two key components of marketing you should take advantage of right off the bat – SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media. Even learning just the basics of SEO will put you one step ahead. Also, the beauty of social media platforms today is that you can market your business with little to no cost. A great place to start is with Instagram. It’s a free place to find your niche audience, connect with customers and showcase your products. Get a full list of ways to use Instagram for your business here. Facebook is also another supportive platform to use. Hubspot put together a simple, and helpful list of do’s and don’ts for using Facebook for your business. All in all, the key to marketing in this day in age is to do your research. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on ad space. Find your voice, connect with your audience and be authentic.

If you’re looking for an honest experience of someone who uses these tools, check out the video below! We sat down with Ryan, the owner of Halcyon, an outdoor and lifestyle brand, that he recently started.


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Start a Clothing Brand Using These 4 Tools
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Start a Clothing Brand Using These 4 Tools
We’re here to provide tangible tools you can use to get up and running.
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