Nowadays, there are so many ways to consume media and information, the abundance of options can be overwhelming, to say the least. Whether you are scouring blogs, YouTube, eBooks, forums or podcasts, we live in an era of informational overload. Weeding through all that noise can be tedious, but it’s worth it when you find that blog or show that is so relevant, you’re instantly hooked. That’s how we feel about the new podcast from one of our favorite LA printers, Shirt Agency.

In the podcast called “Building a T-Shirt Empire,” Cole Lundstrom, covers everything you need to know about starting and growing your T-shirt business. He also interviews key players in the industry like Danny Harris, CEO, and co-founder of BELLA+CANVAS. Danny shares what it was like to start a T-shirt line right out of High School with your best friend and see it grow into the giant brand that BELLA+CANVAS is today. Check out that episode here:

Building a T-Shirt Empire: Danny Harris, CEO & Co-Founder of BELLA+CANVAS


Why Podcasts?

We love seeing our industry embracing new media like podcasts and video, so we chatted with Cole Lundstrom about the shifting trends in our industry and why he decided to start the podcast. Read our interview with him below!

B+C: What inspired you to start your podcast?

Cole: There is so much content online about how to print a T-shirt but When I was starting I couldn’t find any insight into how to run the business. So I decided to start the podcast to talk to the people in the industry that are already successful so that others can learn from their experience.

B+C: What can listeners expect from your podcast? What topics will you cover?

Cole: Well obviously a lot of T-shirt talk. I want to highlight premium, ethical companies and their journey to where they are today. We will also be producing more episodes where I highlight a specific topic like specialty inks, eCommerce tips and how to pitch to a department store.

B+C: Where do you go to get your fix on industry news?

Cole: Honestly a lot of real world conversation. I have learned more at the bar across the street from the convention center during ISS than I did reading the trade magazines.

B+C: Why did you want to feature BELLA + CANVAS on the podcast?

Cole: Bella+Canvas is my absolute favorite blank brand. They are creating a premium product and have ethical standards at a realistic price point. I have learned that combination is extremely rare in our industry. Talking to Danny was fantastic because I got to hear the personal history of a brand I have sold for the last 8 years.

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