Make Money Fast with Contract Printing

Do you like to make money? How about quick money in a smart way without much risk? If this sounds enticing to you, keep reading as we reveal the secrets behind making your first $500 with contract printing.

What is Contract Printing?

Contract printing is a great option for people who are not quite ready to open their own print shop. The unique business model allows you to make a profit as you manage the customer and their artwork, acting as the “middle man” between them and the printer. With minimum risk and maximum margins, contract printing is a successfully proven business model for many entering the T-shirt industry. 

Here’s the basic process broken down: 

First, buy the blank T-shirt for ~$3 from Bella+Canvas! Take it to a print shop to get a quote for ~$2.00- $3.00 (You’re saving on the blank because you bought it direct instead of through the printer)

Second, re-sell the finished product to your client for $9, earning you a $3.00 profit per T-shirt. 

Of course, your client has the opportunity to re-sell to their end user for a retail price of up to $20. You’re making money, they’re making money, it’s a win-win!


How to Get Started

  1. Open a wholesale account with us at Bella+Canvas! You can do this by getting a sellers permit from your local state government. 
  2. Go to a print shop and get print only pricing. This will allow you to pay less than the standard rate because you will be bringing in a higher volume of orders. 
  3. Figure out how you will handle all artwork in house. Offering design services will help set you apart from other printers; your value will increase as you become a one-stop-shop! 
  4. Claim a google local address listing as this will help skyrocket your search engine optimization when potential customers are looking for your services in their area. 
  5. Seek out your first sale! Hit up the local highschool or business to offer your contract printing services!


Now you have the steps you need to go out there and make some cash. How much do you want to make for your first deal? Who in your local community can you reach out to about potential partnerships? Have additional questions about how this business works? Our friends from Shirt Agency will be a great resource for you. Plus, don’t forget to share your experience with contract printing in the comments below!


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