We’ve got some exciting news for you and your business! Today, we launched our brand-new, industry-changing, Fast Fashion Collection. This exclusive, eco-friendly, sweatshop-free, runway-inspired collection will be available at bellacanvas.com, with new styles released each month.

What is Fast Fashion?

If you don’t know what Fast Fashion is, now’s the time to get on-board. Fast fashion is the term to explain the phenomenon dominating the retail fashion world. Thanks to this, it’s never been easier for consumers to get runway-inspired men’s or women’s t-shirts, unisex hoodies, and other looks at affordable prices. Retailers like Zara, Topshop, and H&M have devoted their business models to being agile and quickly adopting the current trends in the fashion world. In a world once driven by seasonal launches, fashion brands are now rolling out new products monthly, which is changing the fashion industry as we know it. Let’s face it – who doesn’t like instant gratification?

What about Wholesale?

The wholesale clothing industry is notoriously slow moving. It typically releases product once a year, and tends to play it safe by sticking with styles that are less risky. That said, this model isn’t conductive to those looking for trend-forward basics on the reg.

At BELLA+CANVAS, we realized that now’s the time to disrupt the traditional wholesale model and start evolving at the speed of fashion, which is why we decided to bring fast fashion to the wholesale industry, launching new, runway-inspired looks every month!

Wondering what makes us different from other fast fashion retailers? We’ve made it our mission to take a no-sweatshop, eco-conscious approach to manufacturing, differentiating us from others who have made headlines due to unsafe working conditions, low wages, and more.


At BELLA+CANVAS, we constantly challenge the status quo. We were the first blanks manufacturer on the scene to preach the message of combed and ring-spun cotton. Why? Because we knew that customers were hungry for a great-fitting and feeling tee. Now, we are bringing Fast Fashion to the wholesale world because we know customers like you are craving new silhouettes, more options, and that instant gratification we all desire.

Ready to shop our debut collection? Shop Fast Fashion here.