As a brand, quality clothing is the foundation of your business. Your customers are the driving force behind the products you sell. In today’s competitive online market, standing out from the competition is crucial to capture consumers’ attention and prove that you offer the best products.

So, how do you make your apparel brand stand out? Here are some tips to revamp your tone of voice and make your brand and products appeal to more customers.

Find What Makes Your Brand and Products Unique

While you may be selling similar products as your competitors, it’s important to identify what sets your brand apart and focus on that niche. For example, if you are selling loungewear, do not settle for plain designs. Instead, consider embellishing and personalizing your products with vibrant colors and bold, graphic imagery screen printed on the front or back of the hoodie. 

You could also offer brown hoodies in bulk with catchy or inspirational sayings embroidered across the chest, geared toward customers who want to express a bit of their personality through their clothing. 

Find your niche by brainstorming unique apparel ideas or identifying unmet needs in the market.

Define Your Target Audience and Cater to Them

Once you have established your unique business product, it is crucial to find your target audience and cater to their needs. Define your target audience by building a few “customer profiles” that define their jobs, likes, interests, and more. Use this information to shape your marketing strategy and tailor your products accordingly.

Understanding your target audience’s preferences will guide your decisions on what products to sell, the colors to use in your branding, and the language to use in your marketing campaigns.

Establish Cohesive Branding

Creating cohesive branding is crucial to making your apparel brand stand out. You want your clothing, marketing, and logo to all be recognizable to customers across all touchpoints, including website, social media, email marketing, and more.

This should extend everywhere: on your website, in your physical store if you have one, on social media profiles, in email marketing, and more. When customers go from your social media profiles to your website, they should see how your products, language, and messaging align with your brand’s vision.

Elevate Your Apparel Brand with Quality Garments

While a unique selling proposition, targeted marketing, and cohesive branding are important, the quality of your garments is paramount. If your products are subpar, it will reflect negatively on your brand.

You have options when it comes to sourcing custom garments. One option is to work with a manufacturer to create custom garments, but this can be costly. Another option is to use a wholesaler like Bella + Canvas, which offers blank garments that you can customize at a more affordable cost.

At Bella + Canvas, we use premium Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton that is 25% cleaner than alternative cottons. Our cotton is the softest and most durable, setting your brand apart with high-quality products that your customers will notice and appreciate.

Get Creative With Printing and Embroidery

You can choose to sell a variety of wholesale products in your store. However, if you really want to make your apparel brand stand out, custom printing and embroidery can make all the difference. Printing options like Direct-to-garment (DTG) and screen printing are two great ways to customize everything from t-shirts to hoodies and more. Choose graphics, imagery, or wording that matches your custom branding and print it on the garment. This is a great way to help differentiate your products and make them your own.

Custom embroidery is another option that provides texture and personalization to a wide variety of clothing items. This typically works better on thicker materials. Fine lines and smaller designs work well on lightweight fabrics. Whether it is a brand logo, a fun saying, or a simple graphic, embroidery is a great way to help your clothing entice potential consumers.

Make a Lasting Impression With Marketing

Marketing is essential for connecting your brand with new customers — as well as staying in touch with current ones, and reconnecting to previous clients. People today consume a wide variety of marketing content each day — across TVs, cell phones, websites, social media, and traditional print marketing means.

Get creative by fine-tuning your branding to what your customers want to hear and see. Emphasizing what makes your products unique will help you cut through the clutter and make a lasting impression.

Determine the marketing channels where your customers are most likely to discover your products. Some examples include:

  • Social media platforms: Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Internet searches
  • Traditional print marketing, i.e., flyers, banners, signage, billboards. (This works well if you have a brick-and-mortar store.)

While investing in paid marketing can benefit your business, it is not the only avenue. It can work equally as well if you have well-curated, free social media profiles, as platforms to make your brand rise above the competition. 

Create attention-grabbing marketing campaigns layered across all forms of advertising, that are consistent and will appeal to consumers. 

Go the Extra Mile and Provide a Standout Experience

It is important to continually draw in new customers to your business. This is what allows you to scale up your business. However, it is equally important — if not more — to create an exceptional experience for existing customers, to ensure a cycle of repeat business. 

Research shows that repeat customers spend 67% more than new customers. Get customers excited to shop your apparel brand again and again, by providing an amazing experience for them.

Consider how you can go that extra mile in making their experience better:

  • Provide small thank-you notes, or a branded sticker with each online order.
  • Promote your branding with custom packing paper or tape on boxes. 
  • Send custom birthday e-mail messages to each consumer addressed to them by name.

There is no shortage of ways you can do something small that grabs the attention of customers. 

Create an Apparel Brand That Stands out to Outshine the Competition

You want to make your apparel brand stand out from the competition. Creative planning around your brand, choosing the best quality products, and implementing marketing strategies to get customers excited and keep them engaged, can make your brand not only shine – but outshine competitors.

If you are looking for the best quality wholesale items that you can customize with your brand’s own printing and embroidery, look no further than Bella + Canvas. We have hundreds of color and style combinations from which to choose — including hoodies, sweatpants, t-shirts, and more.

Discover our full selection of wholesale styles and find something to really make your brand stand out!

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As a brand, quality clothing is the foundation of your business. Your customers are the driving force behind the products you sell. In today's competitive online market, standing out from the competition is crucial to capture consumers' attention and prove that you offer the best products.
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