If you’re ready to delve into screenprinting wholesale blank women’s pullover hoodies, you may be scratching your head, wondering what the best design is.

Should you put a bold orange graphic on a royal blue pullover hoodie, or would that be too bold? Will a simple black text screen printed on the front of a white hoodie be sufficient, or would that be too minimalist? What about an artistic design in multiple colors? 

Maybe you don’t even know where to start.

No need to worry — we’ve gathered five tips to help you choose the best screen printing design for your wholesale pullover hoodies. Read on and get inspired with different screen printing design ideas for your retail store!

1. Consider Your Target Audience When Screenprinting Wholesale Blank Women’s Pullover Hoodies

When debating what kind of designs you’d like to don your wholesale blank women’s pullover hoodies, it’s essential to consider your target audience.

Who are your ideal customers?

  • Do they prefer a bold streetwear look with colorful graphics and imagery?
  • Are they minimalists who want a simple graphic or wording on the front?
  • Do they have a sense of humor and want something that conveys that?
  • Are they looking for something artistic or inspiring?

Clearly defining your target audience and creating a customer persona based on their characteristics can help you narrow down the screen printing designs they want on their pullover hoodies.

2. Learn Your Colors

When we say “learn your colors,” we don’t mean literally — we mean to learn how different colored inks will appear on other colored hoodies and what combinations of ink will work best with varying colors of fabric.

Certain wholesale blank women’s pullover hoodies and ink color combinations may not appear as clearly as you’d like. So, choosing combinations that will get you your desired result is essential.

Remember, screen printing may turn out differently on a fleece hoodie compared to a ring-spun cotton t-shirt.

When in doubt, there are three surefire color relationships you can use to choose the best screen printing design color to pair with the hoodie.

  1. Analogous: If you want a slightly more colorful yet easygoing design, lean for color combinations that appear next to each other on a color wheel — like purple and red or blue and green.
  2. Complementary: If you want a design that stands out, lean for color combinations across from one another on the color wheel. Pair blue and orange or purple and yellow for an extra-bold look. Or, consider straying a few shades but still sticking on opposite sides of the wheel for a combo that’s still eye-catching but not as contrasting — like baby blue and yellow or lilac and sage.
  3. Monochromatic: Use a screen printing color a shade lighter or darker than the fabric for a cool, minimalist screen printing design.

Check out our complete guide for the best color and ink combinations for screen printing.

3. Design by the Season

When choosing screenprinting designs for your wholesale blank women’s pullover hoodies, consider the time of year and create designs that will reflect that.

For example:

  • Screenprint a fun saying or text based on the season (i.e., “Pumpkin szn,” “This is my ugly Christmas sweater,” “It’s the coziest time of the year,” “Summer Lovin’,” etc.
  • Screenprint a graphic design or image related to the time of year or a holiday, for example, a heart-filled design around Valentine’s Day, a spooky skeleton for the fall, or a sun or flowers graphic for the warmer months.

Get creative with the seasons! Your customers will get excited to reach for those season-centric designs when the time rolls around each year.

4. Get Creative With Multiple Colors

If you want something that stands out, consider using multiple colors in your screen printing designs.

While this may take a little bit more upfront time and money investment, it will excite your customers that love color in their wardrobes. And it allows you to get creative and experiment with different color relationships.

Find a wholesale supplier like Bella + Canvas that offers a wide range of color options for wholesale blank pullover hoodies and other garments. You’ll have even more opportunities to get creative with the color combinations you can offer your customers.

5. Consider Partnering With Local Businesses or Artists

Find yourself in a creative slump? Consider partnering with local artists or businesses to create unique designs and build your shop’s network.

Many coffee shops, small retail businesses, and artists would be excited to work together on a project and get their branding or artwork on blank wholesale women’s hoodies.

You could collaborate with them on a blank pullover hoodie design that features their logo, name, artwork, or another fun saying that promotes their business.

Some potential partnerships you could include:

  • A coffee shop, cafe, or restaurant: Feature their brand’s logo, name, or another creative saying based on what they sell.
  • A retail shop: Whether it’s a candle company, a clothing boutique, or another store, retailers of all kinds would be excited to create a design that features their branding or name.
  • An artist: Many artists would be excited to see their work replicated on a wearable women’s pullover hoodie.

Even if your site operates online exclusively, you can partner with artists or shops to feature their screen printed designs in your shop — and it gives you a chance to sell your goods wholesale in their store or studio.

Whether you collaborate with a local business or artist, make sure it benefits them too! You want both of your companies to succeed and grow from this joint endeavor.

6. Get Creative With Your Wholesale Women’s Pullover Hoodies Screen Printing Designs

Don’t be afraid to get creative when choosing the colors and designs for your blank wholesale women’s pullover hoodies.

Consider your target audience, identify the color combinations for hoodies and ink that would work best, and consider creating designs based on the time of year or season. And for an extra dose of creativity and networking, seek opportunities to partner with local businesses or artists in your area.

We hope you can get inspired with some ideas to make your screen printing ideas come to life!

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We’ve gathered five tips to help you choose the best screen printing design for your wholesale pullover hoodies. Read on and get inspired with different screen printing design ideas for your retail store!
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