There’s no doubt that our Heather CVC tees are currently trending—and for good reason! We figured we’d help shed some light on where these subtly textured blends came from and what they mean for you and your customers.

Heather CVC means what exactly?

CVC stands for Chief Value Cotton, and refers to a cotton and polyester blend with a heavier percentage of cotton. These blends were initially made to lower import and export duties, but it’s their quality and price that made them a fast favorite in the industry. To put it simply: the dimension and soft hand of CVC tees are comparable to those ultra-pricy triblend fabrics, however, heather CVC tees do not consist of Rayon, which makes them much more budget-friendly (win!). The result? An easy (and high-quality) way to offer your valued customers an amazing tee for an affordable price.

Why print on a Heather CVC tee?

Lucky for you, BELLA+CANVAS offers the most premium CVC tees in 24 stylish shades at a ridiculously affordable cost. These tees are lightweight, super-soft, and have a subtle heather texture that will elevate any print. Whether you are screen printing with a water base or poly ink, or working with heat transfers, this cotton and polyester blend can be easily molded into your own personal canvas. Make sure you check out our article about how to screen print on our Heather CVC T-shirt. There’s no better way to innovate and promote your brand! 

What styles come in Heather CVC?

Almost all styles in our jersey collection contains some heather colors, most commonly, in the grey color scheme. We also have a hand-full of styles with extended color offerings. Our most popular is the Unisex Short Sleeve Jersey 3001. Check out our Heather CVC Video to see this style in action!

Want to know more? Check out the BELLA+CANVAS Heather CVC lookbook here: Heather CVC Tees