We like to think each Fast Fashion style has a personality of its own. Every style in the collection has a lot to say about the person wearing it. Express yourself—or let your customers’ unique vibes shine through—by going with one of the on-trend, straight-off-the-runway Fast Fashion tees. Curious which one embodies your look? Read on…

 2016-10-12_14-30-26Unisex Jogger Sweatpants

You love looking good but not at the sacrifice of comfort. You re-define the rules and make sweatpants look like they were made for the runway. Born in LA, looking effortlessly cool is your style game through and through. Your corporate friends are jealous, as they stand in their ridged slacks, dress shoes and high heels…and you, you strut in with perfectly un-brushed hair, killer high tops and those oh-so-fly Fast Fashion Joggers. We think we heard you say. “Sorry, but not sorry.”

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The Hoodie Tee

Is it a sweatshirt? Is it a t-shirt? It doesn’t matter because it looks good and you know it. You’re bored by the average crew neck and don’t even get you started on v-necks. No, you want something different, something with attitude that shows the world you know what’s up. You love the versatility of the Fast Fashion Hoodie Tee–it ups your style game from the gym to the skate park to the library. You pop that hood and…Game. Over.

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flowy-high-neck-tank Flowy High Neck Tank

“Sexy Sophistication” is not an oxymoron in your book. You know the key to sex appeal is showing skin in an understated way. You believe a woman’s shoulders and back are her sexiest assets, and guess what? You’re right. You’ve got that confidence (in stilettos or sneakers) that has men and women turning heads.

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flowy-rolled-cuffFlowy Rolled Cuff Muscle Tank

Messy hair don’t care. You try hard for that IDGAF look and this tee is your dream come true. With the ultimate “cool-girl” silhouette of a muscle tee and rolled cuffs that are so spot-on it hurts, this Fast Fashion tee is your new uniform. And you better believe you’re buying every color.

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Unisex Rolled Cuff Tee

Why roll your own cuffs when we can do it for you? Gone are the days of toiling away tirelessly at your sleeves–forever attempting that perfect “roll” only to find it undone by lunchtime. We know the struggle is real. That’s why as of this day forward, DIY rolled cuffs are a thing of the past and the Fast Fashion Rolled Cuff tee is the future. And it’s a bright future indeed.

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Flowy Pocket Tee

You are on a never-ending hunt for the perfect tee. A sucker for a slouchy fit and super soft fabric, you load your wardrobe up with simple tees that are casual yet uber-cool. The Flowy Pocket Tee is everything you’ve ever wanted. Plus it’s got a pocket…perfect for storing emergency snacks for when you get hangry.

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raw-neck-tee2Unisex Raw Neck Tee

Well here comes GQ. Damn you look good in those designer jeans and that classic tee. Is it just a classic tee though? No. Upon closer inspection we see something unexpected. This subtle detail comes in the form of a raw edge neck, and it’s this detail that ups your style game by 10 fold. And to all the ladies eying you…We’ve got good news–this Fast Fashion tee is unisex.

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drop-shoulderDrop Shoulder Tee

Baggy jeans were left in the 90’s but a baggy tee has its place in fashion right now. You want that street-kid look but with a few exceptions. You don’t want a scratchy tee, you want something that feels as good as it looks. Well we’ve married style with comfort with this first ever 30 single, drop-shoulder tee. The fit is everything you’ve ever wanted, on the boxy side but still on-point. You’re welcome.

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Which Fast Fashion style is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!