Create Music Merch That Will Sell

Have you ever wondered what goes into the development of music merchandise? We sat down with Macy Gray, soul singer-songwriter and Grammy winning artist to learn what it takes to create music merchandise for Macy Apparel. Her vision was simple: release warm, cozy clothes that make people happy. In the early days of her career, Gray confesses to printing on the cheapest shirts possible until her trusted screen printer convinced her to convert to BELLA+CANVAS. Gray states,”The better our shirts got, the more merch we sold. […] It’s the best thing you can get and I believe that.”

Music Merch as a Key Branding Tool

Why invest in the production of quality when you create music merch? Gray’s manager, Larry Frazin, explains that the merchandise is a direct extension of the artist’s brand. It’s a way for fans to evangelize how they feel about the artist as they carry their experience with them. Because of this, there’s a large opportunity for the artist to create quality merchandise with meaning and distinction. “It’s a natural curation by the artist to be able to develop something and have a fan feel like they’re a part of them.

Create Music Merch

Revenue Opportunity for Music Merch

“The live business has never been bigger,” Larry says. Revenue from live experiences- tickets, merchandise, etc is at an all time high. Because of this, artists are insistent on the highest quality for their merchandise. The softness, feel, design, is all a representation of how the artists’ lifestyles and values.

We hope you enjoyed the BTS of the makings of Macy Gray’s Merch! What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!


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