It’s no secret that a good-quality, comfortable tee is a wardrobe (and street style) staple. Everyone has a few tees that they wear on rotation, right? That said, if the latest installment of NYFW is anything to go by, you probably saw a whole lot of graphic tee goodness on the streets and in the front row of some of your favorite fashion shows.


Wondering why this trend is making a major comeback? It’s simple! While high-fashion details like drapey silhouettes and glitzy extras are always beautiful to look at, they’re not always functional, and right now, fashion is all about function. These days, the fashion set seems to want to have a little more fun with their look, incorporating playful graphics, quirky statements, and more. Not to mention, graphic tees are easy to make, inexpensive to buy, and are the simplest way to show your allegiance to everything from a sport to a political message or view.

Simply put, in this day in age, a basic tee shirt just doesn’t cut it. Whether it’s one word, an entire statement, or an image, your favorite graphic tee is the key to setting you apart from the crowd. According to, “A printed tee is a quick, sure-fire way to communicate and express your identity.” And if that’s the case, we’re all ears!

Wondering how a graphic tee can help your brand? It’s simple! Many record labels, sports brands, boutiques and more have used graphic tees to help push their businesses forward. It’s even been said that the cult factor is one of the most powerful elements of a graphic tee since it makes the wearer feel as though they belong to something.

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