Why Corporate Gifting is Important for Your Brand

Ashley Wong had a vision to help businesses connect with customers and employees through corporate gifting. As Founder and CEO of Gemnote, she was able to bring her vision to life. 


Investing in quality products for corporate gifting is important because ultimately, if it is not something people want then it is a waste of money. Wong suggests a customer set a gift budget of $20/person rather than $10/person.  $20/person on a quality product, that the recipient will actually wear, is a much more valuable investment than $10/person on a product they’ll most likely discard. 

What Gemnote loves about Bella+Canvas is the quality and reasonable price point. Wong says customers often suggest brands who make lower quality garments (like C.O.E tees) but she does not recommend them to her customers as she sees the value in a premium product. Wong’s hope is to shift clients’ minds to consider quality, great fit, and softness, which she knows she can get for an affordable price with Bella+Canvas.


Customer and employee corporate gifting, especially apparel, is a great marketing tool as it is essentially a walking billboard. Anytime the branded apparel is worn, it leaves an impression with each set of eyes that sees it and each conversation that is sparked because of it. If the customer or employee is proud to wear the garment, they will continue to increase the impressions through visibility as opposed to having a cheap t-shirt they might stuff in the back of a drawer or even throw away. 

For perspective, you can have 1,000 customers wearing your high quality t-shirt and if worn three times, that’s 3,000+ more impressions and eyes on the apparel that it wouldn’t otherwise receive.

Apparel also creates community which you can see in HR teams. HR teams will purchase corporate apparel for new hires, employee on-sites, and other internal programs. Everyone wearing the same t-shirt creates a “uniform” to build community amongst employees. This tangible way to identify a like-minded person creates an instant connection even if they might not know each other.