Side-Seamed vs Tubular

When shopping for wholesale tees, it’s important that you know there are two types of ways to make a T-Shirt: Side-seamed and Tubular. Which is better? One is $2.50 and the other is about $3.00.  You might not see much of a difference online so you go with the cheaper one. But wait – there’s a tell-tale sign for which of these is going to fit better. This one has a side-seam. So what is a side-seam and why should you care? It’s just one of the things that separates Bella+canvas from the majority of other wholesale tshirt manufacturers out there. We are going to break down exactly what goes into making a great fitting tee!  


Downfall of Tubular Tees

Tubular tees are made by taking a tube of fabric (hence the name), slicing it up and sewing on the sleeves and neck binding. This type of construction is fairly crude because, to put it simply–our bodies aren’t shaped like tubes–especially you ladies.

In fact, the only reason tubular tees even exist is because they are cheap to make and require less sewing.  On tubular T-shirts, the front is exactly the same as the back (other than a drop for the neck opening), even though our bodies aren’t built that way. The sleeves are also identical in the front and the back making it impossible to tailor the shoulders so they move with your body, like we do at BELLA+CANVAS. Another downside is that manufactures are limited by the machine cylinder sizes available. This means you’ll get a more generic fit, verses the way we can specifically grade our side-seamed tees for every body type in our size range.   


Side-seamed tee vs tubular tee

Benefits of Side-Seamed Tees 

If you were to shop at favorite retail store, what’s the one thing all the t-shirts would have in common? You guessed it. Side-seams. This is because it truly is the right way to make a shirt. Side-seams allow for the subtle nuances needed to tailor a garment to the human body. 

Now, remember the different costs? You may think you’re getting a steal when you buy a tubular tee for $2.50, but in reality, making a tubular tee is super cheap. So why are you are paying $2.50? Because companies making these tubular tees are betting on you not knowing the difference and opting for the cheaper shirt. 

So don’t make the mistake of wasting money on something your customers won’t wear. Investing a little more for a BELLA+CANVAS tee, which feels and fits great, your customers will wear it again and again. Furthermore, your printed design will be seen by the world instead of tucked away in an old t-shirt drawer. 

Next time you’re shopping for tees, look out for that side-seam, one of the tell-tale signs of a great-fitting tee. 


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Side-Seamed Tees vs. Tubular Tees
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Side-Seamed Tees vs. Tubular Tees
We are going to break down exactly what goes into making a great fitting tee!
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