Here’s Why This BELLA+CANVAS T-shirt Is Going for a Whopping $325,000 on eBay

One of the world’s greatest artists chooses BELLA+CANVAS tees as his canvas, just like inventive screen printers and mover-and-shaker brands choose us for their creations. 

Earlier this year, internationally renowned British artist Damien Hirst launched an Instagram contest to give away T-shirts he personally owned and painted in. 


How The Most Expensive Tee Shirt Started

Hirst painted one of his abstract art pieces on none other than our best-selling 3413 Unisex Triblend S/S Tee. We’d venture to guess Hirst picked out one of his favorite T-shirts to paint (and give away), and we know why: It’s made of our uniquely soft triblend fabrication that’s totally print-ready for your next messaging masterpiece.

Now one of the wealthiest artists alive today, Hirst’s Spin pieces (paintings created at random on a spinning surface) and graphic Spot paintings (rows of randomly colored circles) are in high demand. 

And now this amazing signed T-shirt is up for auction on eBay, with bidding set to begin at a cool $325,000. (As a modern artist, his works go for exceptionally high prices, so it makes sense that he chose the ultimate canvas for this T-shirt art.)

Making his art more accessible, Hirst launched his own skateboard line in 2011. He also paired up with Supreme to release a line of Damien Hirst-designed skateboard decks with his coveted Spin art.

Hirst’s Background

Hirst emerged as a controversial artist in the 1990s as part of the Young British Artists movement. 

Yes, he’s definitely shocked the art world with his unusual work, such as medicine cabinet sculptures and glass displays of deceased animals.

But part of Hirst’s wide appeal stems from the fact that he’s always been a boundary-pusher. In 2007, he released “For the Love of God,” a sparkling, diamond-encrusted skull (with real human teeth) made from platinum. His statement: Let’s live, because living’s where we shine.

And that’s one of the things we love most about our industrythere’s so much creativity in building brands and spreading messages that make a difference in the world.


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