Female Empowerment T-Shirt Business Success Story

feat: Ally Love from Love Squad

Ally Love, Founder & CEO of Love Squad, Peloton Instructor, and Host of Brooklyn Nets started her brand, Love Squad. Love Squad is a female empowerment company that offers an apparel line using BELLA+CANVAS blanks and this is her success story.

About Ally Love and Love Squad

Ally Love is a multifaceted woman, pioneering the slash generation. She is the CEO/Founder of Love Squad, the in-arena Host of the Brooklyn Nets, a Peloton Instructor, an adidas Global Ambassador, and a model. Ally uses her influence/platforms to create a space to celebrate and champion diversity in race and culture through conversation and sweat.

Known as a Boss of Business, Ally Love’s platform reaches millions, which is why it has been important for her to create Love Squad as a space where real conversations and real change can occur through moderated panels and open discussions around women’s empowerment. Through Love Squad, Ally created an apparel line in order to create a sense of community. As her community grew and loved the apparel, they were hungry for more so Ally came to BELLA+CANVAS to expand her merch line in order to meet the demand. The empowering messages printed on the apparel has left a lasting impression on many, spreading positivity, acceptance, and “boss-up” energy.


The Impact of Labels

Ally believes that you have the ability to reclaim agency over labels. Labels are important because you make them important, and you can choose your own labels first. A few labels Ally identifies with are: sister, daughter, entrepreneur, go-getter, business owner, and boss. Having labels like these that Ally is proud of helps her to drill this messaging of who she is into other people so when they think of her, these labels or identifiers instantly come to mind. If you want your brand or even your own personal brand to be viewed a certain way, you need to condition your audience on what labels you want to be known as.

Female Empowerment Through T-shirts

To Ally, female empowerment is the combination of education and entertainment. This is applied in her company, Love Squad, by focusing on the career building, and even more importantly, the well-being of women and non-binary non-gender conforming people. This is important because the general access to information, or networks for female empowerment topics is so limited and challenging to find, or it has a steep price. Love Squad wants to become that go-to resource where they can provide the space to have like-minded conversations with access to resources for women and non-binary non-gender conforming people. By having these conversations, Ally believes they are creating a catalyst for change.
Ally wanted to take her company beyond just events and conversations. She wanted to bring the mission to life in a new way so she decided to create an apparel line and she knew she wanted it to be a marketing tool. She used the t-shirts as a way to keep her community connected even if some people couldn’t attend events. When her audience began wearing the branded apparel, a ripple effect happened where more people were seeing the positive messages her t-shirts said and more people wanted to learn more about Love Squad. The shirts served as a walking billboard, expanding the reach and marketing exposure of her brand and connecting more and more people in the Love Squad.
love squad

Overcoming Adversity

Everyone faces adversity at some point in their lives, Ally says, and you have the choice to use it to make you stronger. When it comes to business, Ally has faced countless moments of the entrepreneur roller-coaster ride that many others go through. She has definitely had moments of self-doubt paired with moments full of encouragement. In the end, she may want to pull her hair out but she reminds herself why she does what she does and it keeps her moving forward.

Ally’s Advice

Advice from Ally for those building a business? Go simple: With so much apparel out there, there can be a lot of noise in the chaos. When you go simple you can eliminate any roadblocks you may encounter. These roadblocks could be  financial barriers, limited resources for growth, or building a team of employees. Keep it small and allow room for growth. If you build up demand, have a plan to sustain it. High demand is great, but if you can’t survive your customers then you will lose loyalty overtime and you want the customer to return over and over again. some questions to ask yourself to hold your self accountable to a small business plan:
    • With this apparel, am I adding value or bringing something new/unique to the table?
    • What is the mission? How do I want people to feel when they put on my apparel ?

Want More Love?

Ally love curated the Love Squad line with Fourth House Creative.  @FOURTHHOUSECREATIVE
Love Squad information on the website: HERE

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How This Female Lead Apparel Brand Found Success
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How This Female Lead Apparel Brand Found Success
Ally Love, Founder & CEO of Love Squad, Peloton Instructor, and Host of Brooklyn Nets started her brand, Love Squad. Love Squad is a female empowerment company that offers an apparel line using BELLA+CANVAS blanks and this is her success story.
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