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By now you’ve probably heard of our Fashion Apparel Masterclass, or FAM for short. For those who love higher learning, we had you at “masterclass” but for others, the phrase “online learning” might have the opposite effect. Well, the initial masses have made their way through the program and the result are in–this is not your average, boring, uninspired and dull online class. It’s a great thing that our FAM members feel this way since this was our number one goal when creating FAM.

Have you heard of FAM but haven’t taken the plunge? Keep reading as we share a few direct quotes from people who are now FAM certified. And trust us, we are not just picking the good feedback to share. The overwhelming response from the community is that FAM is the best online course they’ve ever taken. With over 2,000 people signed up, FAM is the masterclass that has taken the promotional products industry by storm!

What the masterclass community is saying…

“Thanks again for encouraging me to take FAM. It was probably the most beneficial form of sales training I have received in the 3 years that I have been a part of this business.”

Nicole Sanfacon | Branding Specialist at Rocky Coast Print Works


“The content was great.  For someone new in the industry, great lessons!  For industry veterans like myself, it’s a great refresh with great info put into a different light.”

Lori Donovan  | Outside Sales Account Executive at Alpha Broder


“I am in awe of the FAM course. You guys did an incredible thing here. I have learned so much, SO VERY MUCH, about the company, products, and the best methods to differentiate and up-sell. I’m amazed at the depth and presentation you guys put together.”

Brian Bliss | Sales executive at  AlphaBroder Canada


“Taking this class, I felt like I was taking a graduate class in Marketing, Sales, and Innovation. There is an important point to remember—BELLA+CANVAS offers this FREE.  I don’t know about you, but I am always looking to be different, stand out and bring value to my clients in order to help them grow their business. I am confident that anyone who goes through this program will feel the same way.”

Donna Bender | Donna Bender Company


What is FAM Partner Status?

Companies found the information provided through FAM so important they’re encouraging their entire sales team to take the course. Alphabroder and Staton are the first wholesalers to attain an 80% FAM Certification across sales team employees. This achievement has earned them FAM Partner status, a testament to leadership and a commitment to continued education and skill development.


“We’ve already witnessed increased sales successes as a result. In every regard we want our sales team to be the most capable and knowledgeable in the industry. FAM gave us a powerful resource to ensure our team understands our customers’ challenges and how to provide the best overall solutions.”

Dan Pantano, President of Alphabroder


“Bella+Canvas is leading this industry in reshaping how the classic t-shirt is viewed.  The FAM program teaches up-selling methods, education on fabrication, and printing techniques. Our sales team is armed with sharper selling skills and can confidently offer our customers superior quality options by explain why this choice is better.”

Lea Robinson, Managing Director at Staton


If you want to know more about the Fashion Apparel Masterclass, a free online learning resource created for industry salespeople, check out famasterclass.com or email [email protected] and sign up to learn more than you ever did in school!  

Fashion Apparel Masterclass


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Fashion Apparel Masterclass: Best for Business
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Fashion Apparel Masterclass: Best for Business
The initial masses have made their way through the program and the results are in--this is not your average, boring, uninspired and dull online class.
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