Is DTG Too Expensive?

One of our most popular videos on our channel is Screen Print vs DTG where we showed you the side-by-side comparison of how each print job turns out of the same design, but we didn’t explain in depth is when DTG is right for your brand and when it’s just no longer cost-effective.

Printing on Demand with DTG

For those new to this industry, print-on-demand occurs with direct-to-garment (DTG) printers. These are like large inkjet printers that can print directly on to cotton fabrics. Print-on-demand works for people starting out their clothing line because there are not many upfront cost. It works by you’re simply going to be having your credit cards charged when someone else buys your product from your website. This is great for small influencers or small retail brands. DTG is a great option for anybody who is unsure about how much inventory they should buy, because they don’t have that purchase history with their audience.

  • DTG Tip: Double check your artwork before passing off to the print on demand shops. They will pump out whatever art you give them without questioning your design or placement. Whether it has rough edges, or the colors are wrong, no-one will stop production, it’s just going to be printing as fast as possible. 

DTG vs Screen Print

The Tipping Point

With DTG, you can offer new designs, try a new line, or target a more niche audience. If you’re not sure how these designs will perform, you won’t be risking that much with DTG.  You can start with print-on-demand and then graduate into screen printing for each individual design. Let’s say you have a company logo with one or two colors in the design and you want to print on a black shirt. If you’re planning to sell 500 of them, it is not in your best interest to offer it on print-on-demand but rather try screen printing which you can produce for five or six dollars. 

When to Switch to Screen Printing

Pricing is worth it to switch to traditional screen printing with as few as 50 pieces per design. If you know you can sell 50 pieces of a design, you’ll most likely be saving money with screen printing. Another positive to screen printing is the washability and feel of the print is a bit more premium than DTG.

So what’s best for your brand? DTG or screen printing? Let us know in the comments! 


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DTG: Is It Right for Your Brand?
Article Name
DTG: Is It Right for Your Brand?
when DTG is right for your brand and when it's just no longer cost-effective
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