When people hear the word “hoodie,” they may readily think of more casual settings — like the gym or a sporting event. However, hoodies are great for a wide variety of occasions. With the proper styling, they can easily go from around the house to a number of more sociable environments — such as parties, date nights, and more. 

If you are searching for inspiration on ways to dress up a hoodie that fits your brand, here are some ideas.

Add a Structured Jacket or Blazer

One way to make a hoodie dressier is to pair it with a structured jacket, like a blazer. A smart-looking garment over a hoodie gives the outfit a more refined look, and opens the door to style it with a variety of different pants, from trousers to chinos.

NBA players have been sporting this style for years, often wearing different colored hoodies with blazers and tailored pants. Recently, Becky Hammon, the coach of the WNBA’s Las Vegas Aces, paired a bright red zip-up hoodie with a structured black blazer.

All genders can take inspiration from Hammon and bring a pop of color to their outfit with a bold hoodie. Hammon also wore a plain white t-shirt underneath her hoodie, balancing the classy feel of the blazer with the more laid-back vibe of the sweatshirt.

This outfit is ideal to wear in a more casual office, or out for a relaxed dinner. It is easygoing, yet a well put together look. Give this look an extra boost with a watch or simple jewelry.

Experiment With Different Textures and Materials

Another great way to dress up a hoodie is to get creative with the different textures and materials in the outfit. For example, the hoodie could be worn with a pair of leather pants, giving a flare to the hoodie and adding contrast. Sneakers and boots are both great to complement this duo.

To create a monochromatic look, pair a black hoodie with black leather pants, or experiment with other mono-colored combinations. For a pop of color, try it in a shade of bright orange or muted pink. You can also experiment with several color combinations for your apparel brand. Try pairing navy or brown pants and a brighter, complementing colored hoodie, such as our brown hoodie in bulk.

Another option is to add a wool or fur coat (real or faux), or other fabrics to add extra texture. Pairing various materials with a hoodie will give the outfit depth, yet keeps it looking balanced at the same time.

Style It Over a Skirt or Dress

If you are looking to elevate your hoodie for occasions ranging from nights out on the town to weekend brunches, try coordinating it with a dress or skirt.

Take inspiration from actress Hillary Duff, who paired a simple cropped hoodie with a midi-length slip dress. Duff chose to wear sneakers with her outfit and accessorized with some simple gold hoops and a necklace for an added touch.

Skirts also make a great unlikely pairing with hoodies.For shorter styles, opt for a tennis skirt to match the sporty feel and to add a touch of elegance. A long tulle or pleated skirt is another way to add more texture and movement to the ensemble.

Wearing sneakers is good for keeping  this outfit more casual, however, to dress up the combo even more, heels or ankle booties and a purse will complete this elevated look.

Dress up a Hoodie With a Collared Shirt

For the office, layer a hoodie over a collared shirt and dress pants. This works well with a zip-up hoodie, so that leaving the zipper undone will show off more of the button-down underneath. When zipped up only part way, it also leaves just a few buttons revealed at the top.

Add a pair of complementing trousers and loafers or sneakers, and you have an office-ready look.

Carefully coordinate the zip-up hoodie and button-down to make sure that they match. This will ensure a refined, not rushed look. 

While coordinating colors work best, that does not mean this look is limited to solid shirts. Patterned button-downs, whether striped, plaid, or some other design, will work equally as well. Shirts with designs work especially well with neutral-colored hoodies that will carry this contemporarily dressed look throughout the day. 

Lean Into Accessories

There are many unconventional ways to dress up a hoodie. However, sometimes dressing up is as simple as adding some jewelry or other accessories.

For example, coordinating a hoodie and a pair of sweatpants, adding a gold-tone watch or a necklace and hoop earrings will easily elevate this outfit. Pairing a hoodie with leggings or jeans also works.

A purse, sleek baseball cap or beanie, and a nice pair of sneakers does wonders in turning a traditionally casual garment into an outfit that’s ready for wherever the day takes you. In the fall and spring months, adding a leather or jean jacket also elevates a hoodie. Use this same pairing in the winter, instead with a trenchcoat on top.

Regardless of the accessories chosen, pairing them with a hoodie is a great way to give it an added touch of elegance.

Discover the Best Quality Hoodies To Dress Up

To dress up a hoodie, it is important to have one that is made from quality materials. It is much easier to look dressy in well-made clothes. Poorly crafted hoodies — like those made from C.O.E. (carded open end) cotton or with uneven seams — can appear tattered and will not work for trying to elevate the look. 

Choose quality-made hoodies, like those from Bella + Canvas. We use premium materials in all of our products, such as our signature Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton. You can tell the quality difference not only by touching them, but just by looking at them, as well.

We also have over 300 colors in different products across all styles available on our website. You should have no problem finding the perfect hoodies for your apparel store. From zip-up to pullover to cropped hoodies, there is no shortage of styles to explore.

Look through the full selection of hoodie styles on our site, and discover the dozens of fits that can either be dressed up, or styled for everyday wear. 

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When people hear the word “hoodie,” they may readily think of more casual settings — like the gym or a sporting event. However, hoodies are great for a wide variety of occasions. With the proper styling, they can easily go from around the house to a number of more sociable environments — such as parties, date nights, and more. 
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