A red pullover hoodie is a classic piece to add to your customers’ wardrobes. No matter the season, this garment will never go out of style.

Some may think hoodies are only for heading to the gym or lounging around the house. But, with some styling, you can take this garment from casual to cool and get your customers excited to add it to their closets.

From summer nights on the beach to crisp winter nights spent cozied by the fire, a red pullover will transition for whatever weather the season brings.

Are you searching for some inspiration to style a pullover hoodie? Look no further. Here’s your complete style guide for selling red pullover hoodies.

Get Layering in Cool Weather

Each year as fall approaches, out come the flannels and denim jackets.

That crisp fall weather lends perfectly to layering a chic red pullover hoodie to create endless outfit combinations.

  • Layer a pullover hoodie under a flannel and pair it with a pair of dark pants or leggings for a casual yet chic look.
  • Pair that red hoodie with an oversized denim jacket for a laid-back look that’s still perfect for date night, weekend hangouts, and anything in-between.
  • Style it with matching sweatpants and sneakers for a coordinated, put-together, and comfy outfit.

Hoodies are excellent for layering because, besides wearing flannel or a jacket, you can wear short sleeves, long sleeves, and everything under them.

Layering is ideal for those mornings when it’s barely above freezing when you leave the house — but you feel like you’re sweating when you step outside in the afternoon. Cooler weather in the fall, winter, and early spring means endless possibilities for styling those wholesale pullover hoodies in your store.

Stay Comfy in Warmer Seasons

Just because the weather gets warmer outside doesn’t mean that cooler weather and long sleeves go away. Enter red pullover hoodies to buy wholesale and sell in your shop in the warmer months.

When the AC is a Bit Too Powerful

As the AC pumps in summer, the office and store temperatures vary widely.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) recommends around 68 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit office temperatures. However, this is a wide range, and research shows women tend to prefer and perform better in warmer temperatures, while men prefer it to be cooler.

One of the solutions for the many who find the AC to be a bit too frigid is to carry a stylish pullover hoodie wherever they go. Easy to slip on and off, it is an ideal garment for when the central cooling is a bit too strong.

For Those Cool Summer Nights

Beaches can be a fun place to bask in the sun during the day and a great place to gather around a bonfire at night. However, the cool ocean breeze can make even the warmest summer days cool at night.

Likewise, a summer outdoor concert can be an incredible place to enjoy the music — but it can quickly get chilly after the sun sets.

The solution? You guessed it — a red pullover hoodie.

Throw it on over a bikini, pair it with coordinated shorts, or style it with customer-favorite denim cutoffs to keep warm when the summer isn’t quite sunny.

When the Weather Can’t Make Up Its Mind

Do you live in a climate where the mornings are constantly cool, but the afternoons make you sweat, or where it’s rainy one second and the sun is shining the next? You likely know the complexities of styling an outfit for every weather – just about every day.

Shop red pullover hoodies wholesale for customers who know the complexities of styling an outfit for the weather that can’t make up its mind.

  • Hoodies are great for unexpected rain — throw up the hood, and your face and hair are protected.
  • A red pullover hoodie is an excellent garment to wear in the morning on a walk or hike when it’s cool outside and easy to tie around your waist when it gets warmer in the afternoon.

Whether the seasons are changing or you live in a place where the weather is different by the hour, a pullover hoodie is a perfect staple to style for whatever the day brings.

Take It To the Next Level With Custom Embroidery or Printing

Custom printing or embroidery is one of the best ways to add flair to the wholesale red pullover hoodies you purchase.

Embroider a small custom design in the corner across the breast, or add a more extensive embellishment across the entire chest or back. Embroidery is a simple yet surefire way to make what’s often seen as a casual garment a more stylish, upscale item.

Likewise, printing a fun graphic on the front or adding your custom branding elevates the feel of a classic pullover.

Choose a pullover hoodie wholesale company like Bella + Canvas that sells fashion-forward designs your customers crave. Consider adding wording, branding, or graphics with a print or embroidery design when ordering your hoodies. 

Embroidery is a simple way to add style to a blank garment and get your customers excited to wear it everywhere, from weekend coffee to casual Fridays at the office.

Get Creative With Pullover Hoodies in Changing Weather

Whether the sun is shining, rain is pouring from the clouds, or snow is on the ground, a red pullover hoodie is a great staple in your store — to put in your customers’ closets.

Especially with a transition to more remote work in recent years, athleisure and loungewear have become the norm for both office hours and everyday wear. Style your wholesale red pullover hoodies for your store to match a range of seasons and occasions.

No matter the season, you can style a classic pullover hoodie from casual to cool in seconds! We hope you find some inspiration to bring this style into your store for all seasons.

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Red Pullover Hoodie Style Guide for All Seasons
Are you searching for some inspiration to style a pullover hoodie? Look no further. Here’s your complete style guide for selling red pullover hoodies.
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