If you’re familiar with BELLA+CANVAS, you’ve definitely heard of our 3001 tee. But if you haven’t tried it out yet, you may be wondering what the hype is all about. At first glance, you may think it’s just a regular tee, but it’s actually far superior to anything else like it in the wholesale industry. And in today’s video, I’m going to break it down for you and explain all the important features of the BELLA+CANVAS 3001 and what you should look for when deciding on a Tee.

Here are 7 reasons style 3001 is the #1 selling tee


At BELLA+CANVAS, we take measures at every stage of our fabric development process to engineer the highest quality combed and ring-spun cotton on the market, and we do it in an eco-conscious way. The result is called Airlume, and we use only 100% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton in our tees, including the 3001. About 25 – 30 percent of the cotton we start with is combed out during our unique refining process because it contains impurities or does not meet our standards. Also, when creating the 3001, during the Airlume process, we use only long staple cotton. That means the actual length of the cotton fiber is long, which determines the ultimate soft feel of the final yarn. This also makes for a tight, even knit, which can be seen easily by the naked eye.


One thing you’ll want to look for in a T-shirt is a side seam because this will indicate if it’s likely to fit well. Side seamed tees are designed to fit the human body in the most flattering way. We have never and will never produce a tubular T-shirt, because, frankly, nobody’s body type is a tube! Just like with all our styles, the fit of 3001 is inspired by retail.  We also design the 3001 to fit a wide variety of body types, so we fit every size model from XS to 4XL during our technical fitting process. It also features a set-in neck and shoulder taping to keep the structure of the collar.

3) 95 COLORS

Our 3001 is available in 95 colors. Yes, you heard that correctly! Across the board actually, we have the widest range of colors out of anyone in the industry. And next year, we’ll have well beyond 100 colors! Not only do we have a ton of colors, we have the right colors. Our design team forecasts color trends like no other brand in our industry. We know what the hottest colors will be well in advance.


Our 3001 not only comes in 100% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, but we also offer a wide range of Heather CVC colors. The heather styles are made up of 52% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton and 48% polyester. Our CVCs are insanely popular because they are super soft and boast that popular heather texture, plus they are great to print on. We also pioneer new blends of heather like the first-ever Black Heather and this year’s Heather prism within the 3001 style.


The 3001 tee is made just like our other styles through a USA strong production model. That means we do a majority of the production in the US, specifically Los Angeles, including all dyeing and cutting. We split some of our garment assembly between our US sewing facility and our Central American partners. This allows for us to support thousands of American jobs while keeping production cost low.


Our 3001 is a favorite for just about any decoration technique. The 3001 is especially great for DTG printers because the surface is so smooth. Also, we only use high energy dyes which are resistant to discoloration and won’t fade in the wash. Plus, we never overdye our fabric, which makes both our solids and heathers great candidates for discharge printing. Another noteworthy thing to mention about our Heather CVC is that there is virtually no dye migration. You can get a great result using a standard cotton ink versus an ink with a poly blocker.


The 3001 is the gateway into our brand, so if you have a customer you’re trying transition out of Carded Open End into the fashion category, the 3001 is your go-to price point tee, perfect for all demographics.

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Whether your customer uses the 3001 for the local restaurant chain or that upcoming marathon, or maybe the university’s championship game, it’s going to be worn again and again.  This style helps you to differentiate yourself and create more value for your customer.

7 Reasons Style 3001 is the #1 Selling Tee
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7 Reasons Style 3001 is the #1 Selling Tee
I’m going to break it down for you and explain all the important features of the BELLA+CANVAS 3001 and what you should look for when deciding on a Tee.
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