3 Creative Pocket Tee Design Ideas 

Do pocket tees look boring to you? Do designs seem too simple, overdone and underwhelming?  Most pocket tees typically don’t have decoration or has very minimal design, which makes a pocket tee a great canvas for noticeable graphic tees. Here are 3 new creative ways for you to design your next pocket tee.

1. Try an Inverted Color Scheme

Playing off color relationships between tees and pockets is a great way to take designs beyond just the pocket.  Opt for two opposing colors to give the design a trendy inverted look. For example, we took our 3021 tee in Black with a gray pocket and paired it with a complimentary design to create a detailed silhouette look. We accomplished this by printing black ink on the gray pocket and gray ink above the pocket, a look that compliments both design and color.

Pocket Tee with inverted color scheme

2. Pockets with Dimension

Adding dimension to your pocket tee is a great way to create illusion. Playing off the square shape of the pocket, we used its shape as a part of the composition and designed the hand to hold the pocket by adding it to the foreground as well as the background. 

We printed this particular design on our 8818 in Dark Gray Heather and used gold foil to accent the hand. Something to note when using foil is that the application of adhesive comes first which can sometimes make it difficult to see when aligning the foil up afterward- so keep that in mind when experimenting with designs. 

Pocket Tee with dimension

3. Pockets as a Prop

Due to the obstacle of printing on pockets, we wanted to create an easier  “cheat” design for starters.We used the 8818 in Heather Stone as the background to this floral design. Although we worked around having to print on the pocket, we kept the design fairly simple by minimizing it to three colors.

For this look we used the women’s 8818 in Heather Stone.

Pocket tee with pocket as a prop

Which design was your favorite? Hopefully these three ideas inspire your next design for your pocket tees! We’d love to hear your feedback on what design you try next!

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