If you’ve been following our brand at all the past year, you probably have heard of our Fast Fashion collection. But just in case – it’s an exclusive, runway-inspired collection that includes new styles released each month on bellacanvas.com. Our Fast Fashion styles have been a big hit across the board, but we have noticed an exceptional amount of enthusiasm and support from the music industry for band merchandise.

“Besides providing a supplemental financial revenue to the artist’s career, merch is another creative outlet to use in connecting with their fans. Fans not only buy music, but they are buying into who the artist is, and the merch is a reflection of that connection,” says Tyler Rutkin of Steel Wool Entertainment.

Thanks to Fast Fashion, it’s never been easier for artists to get high-quality, runway-inspired looks that fit into their larger brand story.

“An artist’s merch line is a reflection of their image, a way for them to connect with their fans. In the same way an artist would never want to put out a bad album, they wouldn’t want their name and logo on anything that doesn’t represent the quality of their brand as a whole,” says Kari Rohr, VP Merchandise Production at Warner Music Group.

We recently worked with singer Jacquie, who was awesome on “The Voice” in 2013. Jacquie was looking to launch her merch line just in time for her EP release this month, so we thought it was the perfect time to collaborate! Watch the process she went through in the video below, and keep scrolling to check out some Fast Fashion products that are perfect for band merchandise!