Zip-up hoodies are the ideal item for your apparel brand. The zip-up design makes them easy to put on and take off, and their versatility allows the wearer to keep them in the closet, car, at work, or anywhere that the day takes them. 

Although sweatshirts are especially great for transitional months, they are suitable for every season.

There are many reasons to love zip-up sweatshirts – the variety of styles, colors, fabrics, and more. If you are curious about what makes them so popular, here is a look at what makes this practical, cozy garment so irresistible.

Comfortable for Layering and Great for on the Go

With a balance of casual and comfortable, zip-up styles keep cozy and are perfect for layering. Whether in an office that may get too cold, or on a hike as the weather significantly changes from start to end, hoodies are excellent for wearing on top of and underneath other garments.

The zip-up works well with many different outfit combinations, too. They pair well with just about everything, from sweatpants to trousers, so little thought is required to adding a hoodie to an outfit. Their relaxed feel keeps the wearer comfortable, yet are sleek enough to layer on top of a button-down at work. 

This design can easily be slipped on and off throughout the day. Tie it around the waist when not being worn and simply slip it back on when it starts to cool down. Portability, versatility, easy on-and-off design are all reasons to love these hoodies – no matter where the day may lead. 

Zip-up Hoodies for Every Season

People often associate zip-up and pullover styles with the fall and cooler months. We think any hoodie can be worn regardless of the weather, even in the summer when air conditioners can make it a bit too cold inside. 

Zip-up hoodies can be layered over a t-shirt during those spring days when it’s chilly in the morning and is sunny and warm in the afternoon. In the summer, they can be worn on top of a swimsuit when it gets cool by the poolside; and during the fall months, they can be layered underneath a flannel or denim jacket. Winter is the perfect time to layer a zip-up sweatshirt with a long sleeve thermal.

Although hoodies are suitable for year-round wear, certain materials are more ideal for specific seasons. Here’s why:

Cotton Jersey: Jersey hoodies are made from 100% cotton. This knit is very lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. The lightweight design makes it fitting for spring and summer months when the weather is warmer.

Fleece: Fleece sweatshirts are made with a delicate blend of cotton and polyester. They are extremely soft, cozy, and insulating, making them ideal for winter and cooler months.

Tri-blends: Tri-blends are made with cotton, polyester, and rayon, giving the fabric more of an athletic feel. This style is great for cooler spring and fall days, when outside and on the go.

Different Styles, Colors, and Sizes for Everyone

A very popular item, zip-ups are available in a wide array of colors, styles, sizes, and materials. You can choose from lightweight to thicker fleece styles for your brand.

Some styles have drawstrings, while others do not. There are also many colors to explore. At Bella + Canvas, we have over 300 different colors to choose from across all different styles. From the brown hoodie in bulk, to orange, pink, and near-endless other color options. We also have heathered styles that have more of a vintage appearance, which is excellent if you prefer the more lived-in aesthetic for your brand.

We are also continually adding new styles and colors to give you more options to explore.

We know how diverse body types can be, and we make it a priority to have sizes that reflect that. Many of our zip-up hoodies are available from XS to 5X, so that everyone of all shapes and sizes can find something to love.

Customizable to Suit Personal Styles

Another reason why zip-ups are great is that they are customizable for various personal styles. This hoodie design is suitable for direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, screen printing, and embroidery. Customize them with any graphics, imagery, or wording you can dream up and express your personality through your hoodie.

When customizing a zip-up, it is important to be mindful of the zipper in the front, as this can pose challenges to the placement of larger printed or embroidered designs. However, the back, sleeves, and hood are all practical areas for printing. The chest area of this style of hoodie is great for smaller designs, crests and embroidery. 

With printing, it is important to be mindful of the material being used. The best material for printing is 100% cotton, as the ink bonds to the fabric best. Jersey cotton is typically made with a single knit of 100% cotton fabric. Fleece, on the other hand, is made from a blend of cotton and polyester. At Bella + Canvas, our polyester acts more like a natural fiber than a synthetic one, meaning it will work equally as well for printing.

When DTG printing on any material containing polyester — like our fleece and tri-blends — we recommend using a pretreat, adjusting the saturation level, and using a white underbase. When screenprinting, we recommend using a poly ink and/or poly blocker. These steps all help to ensure that the printed design turns out boldly.

Take a look at our full guide for more tips for printing on fleece.

It is also important to note that embroidery works best on thicker fabrics. If you are doing embroidery on a more lightweight material, smaller designs with fine lines will work best.

Discover the Best Sweatshirts 

As illustrated, zip-up hoodies are the best for multiple reasons. It is easy to see why they have become such a popular item in many people’s everyday wardrobes. They are practical, fashionable, and just plain cozy. Plus, they’re great for layering – especially since there are styles for every season and many colors to suit just about everyone’s personal taste. 

If you are ready to add the best wholesale hoodies to your brand’s offering, look no further than Bella + Canvas. We have dozens of different styles and colors, from which to choose. Whether you are looking for zip-up sweatshirts, pullovers, cropped styles, or something else, we’ve got you covered. 

Explore our full collection of wholesale hoodies and other styles on our website, and get ready to discover why our sweatshirts are simply the best!

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Zip-up hoodies are the ideal item for your apparel brand. The zip-up design makes them easy to put on and take off, and their versatility allows the wearer to keep them in the closet, car, at work, or anywhere that the day takes them.
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