Going Green

BELLA+CANVAS has countless ways we’re going green by taking care of the earth. You may have seen a few videos about our eco-friendly dyeing and drying of fabric, recycle program at our headquarters and energy conservation for all of our Los Angeles warehouses.  We love hearing about brands looking to make eco-friendly changes in their business as well which is how we celebrated Earth Day with our friends at Barry’s, a well known fitness studio across the globe to encourage eco-friendly practices. They’re focusing major efforts into giving their studios an eco friendly makeover.

Steps To Move Forward

Barry’s partnered with the Environmental Media Association (E.M.A) last year and plan to roll out more eco-friendly initiatives over the next year. These will include eco-friendly cleaning supplies, bath supplies in the locker room and reusable cups and paper straws at their wellness counters in studios. For more information about their going green roll out contact Barry’s at [email protected].
In what ways do you give back to the earth? We’d love to hear how you do your part in the comments!

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Why Your Brand Going Green Matters
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Why Your Brand Going Green Matters
BELLA+CANVAS has countless ways we're going green by taking care of the earth.
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