Choosing a clothing wholesaler as your hoodie vendor may seem like a challenging task – but it doesn’t have to be so. From large to small, there are dozens of wholesale companies for you to explore. Each vendor has its own selection of products, styles, materials, and of course, levels of quality. 

When assessing different vendors, their products and purchasing policies, bear in mind what will work best for your brand – and sales. Consider these factors when making your selection: fabric content of the garments; quality of the clothing construction; ordering minimums; shipping and return policies; and whether there is a knowledgeable customer service team present. 

Bella + Canvas has hundreds of fashion-forward, quality options. Here is how working with us guarantees sales and makes choosing an apparel wholesaler easier.

Fashion Forward Styles

At Bella + Canvas, we have the fashion-forward fits that your customers seek. We have men’s, women’s, and unisex styles for people from all walks of life, that you can explore.

Some of these styles include classic fleece pullovers, full zip-ups, women’s cinched bottoms, cropped fits, and raw seam designs. Regardless of whether your brand has a feel that is streetwear, a more refined aesthetic, or something else entirely, we have the styles to match.

Because we are continually updating our product offerings, there’s always fresh apparel from which to choose. We know how important it is for you to have the styles that your customers want, and at Bella + Canvas we have them.

Diverse Sizes

Bodies come in diverse shapes and sizes. It’s critical that brands have clothing selections to reflect that. If customers can’t find their sizes at your store or on your website, they will simply leave. That is why as a quality wholesale hoodie vendor, we offer a diverse range of sizes and styles.  

Many of our hoodie sizes are available from XS to 5XL. With such vast sizing options, there is something that fits just about every body type. 

We also have size charts that you can post in your store, or list directly on your site, making it easy for your customers to find their perfect fit. Helping customers choose their correct sizes from the start minimizes product exchanges and returns.

Over 300 Color Options Across Styles

On our website, there are over 300 color options to choose from across all styles. You should, therefore, have no problem finding colors to match your brand’s vision.

Whether selling blank hoodies as-is, such as our white zip-up hoodie in bulk, or customizing them with printing or embroidery, you can find the perfect color when working  with Bella + Canvas as your apparel wholesaler. 

Premium Materials and Production

The difference between a quality hoodie and a poorly made one is readily and visibly obvious. Higher quality products mean better customer satisfaction, more sales, fewer returns, and higher profits. Offering inferior products can often have the exact opposite results.

We use premium materials and eco-friendly production practices to create top-quality hoodies for you and your customers.

Many other companies use C.O.E. (carded open end) cotton. This is the lowest priced, and quality, cotton that contains impurities. It is also the itchiest, scratchiest, and most uncomfortable of cotton fabrics.

At Bella + Canvas, we do not just use C.O.E. cotton. Instead, we have our own signature Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, which is 25% cleaner than other cottons and is exclusive to us. This cotton is much softer and more durable. Another of our fabrics, polyester, acts more like a cotton rather than a synthetic fiber – meaning it is much easier for direct-to-garment (DTG) and screen printing.

We also take great care when stitching our hoodies, ensuring that there are no loose threads and uneven seams. So, when choosing a hoodie vendor for your brand, select one that offers quality-made clothing crafted with care for customers and the environment.

No Minimums on Domestic Orders

Another benefit of choosing Bella + Canvas as your wholesale supplier is that you don’t have to be concerned about size, style, or color minimums on domestic orders. There is no need to order large quantities of sizes or styles that you don’t need, simply to meet a minimum order requirement. 

We make it easy and convenient to mix and match whatever quantity of each hoodie that you need –  all in one order.

Go Private Label

If you are looking for the ultimate customization on hoodies, our Private Label program might be just right for you.

Working with Bella + Canvas to create private-label hoodies allows you to be the creator of your own hoodie designs that will appeal to your customers and bring in more sales. You can customize each part of the hoodies, including the stitching on the inside tag. This gives you ultimate control over the colors, materials, sizes, styles, and more. 

Eco-friendly and Ethical Production

Bella + Canvas is more than a premium hoodie vendor in terms of quality, color, and style options. We are also committed to eco-friendly and ethical production practices. It is important for us to do our part to care for the planet, as well as our team members. 

Consumers are also increasingly pushing brands to be more eco-friendly, and are pleased to do business with those who are taking steps to care for the planet.

We reduce our co2 (carbon dioxide) impact and limit water waste through the use of special dye machines that use 7x less water than others in the industry – saving 24 million gallons of water a week. We also recycle almost all of our scrap materials into items like baby bibs and upholstery stuffing.

As part of our commitment to ensuring that our workers are treated fairly, all of our facilities are Platinum W.R.A.P. certified (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production).

We want our environmental impacts to be positive, by extending far beyond the high-quality garments that we produce, and into the world around us. 

Explore Styles from the Top Hoodie Vendor

Bella + Canvas is committed to creating premium products that guarantee quality sales.

We offer fashion-forward styles, over 300 color choices, diverse styles, and eco-friendly production. These are some of the many reasons why clothing retailers love our hoodies and choose to do business with us time and time again.

Just by holding one of our hoodies, you’ll immediately feel the Bella + Canvas difference — and your customers will, too. They not only will appreciate the top quality, but will expect it from your brand, and will come back for more.

Explore our full selection of hoodies on our site and find the perfect styles for your store. Whether you are selling blank hoodies as-is, or looking to customize them with printing or embroidery, there is no shortage of what you can do with our premium hoodies. From zip-ups to pullovers and cropped designs, there are many different styles for you to love.

Ready to start ordering? create a wholesale account to begin your order. For more information, contact our representatives via telephone or email. Our customer care team is here to help answer any questions you may have along the way.

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Why Using Bella + Canvas as Your Quality Hoodie Vendor Guarantees Sales
Choosing a clothing wholesaler as your hoodie vendor may seem like a challenging task – but it doesn’t have to be so. From large to small, there are dozens of wholesale companies for you to explore. Each vendor has its own selection of products, styles, materials, and of course, levels of quality. 
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