At Bella + Canvas, one common question is: How and where can you buy Bella + Canvas?

That’s not a one size fits all answer. You can buy bulk wholesale t-shirts and other garments in many different ways. However, the best method will depend on you and your business.

Perhaps you’re a decorator. Or, maybe you’re a brand. But, on the other hand, you could be a crafter looking to bring your art to life on wearable garments. Perhaps you want to get your hands on the softest tee out there.

No matter what category you fit into, today we’ll reveal how to get your hands on your favorite Bella Canvas products. Whether online, in-store, or working with one of our qualified decorators, it’s easy for everyone to score the Bella + Canvas garments they love.

Buying Bella + Canvas for Wholesale

You can buy directly from our B2B website or app if you qualify for wholesale. However, this will require you to create a wholesale account with us, meaning that you’ll need a business license or resale license, depending on your state. These certifications may also go by different names.

We also make ordering directly easy with a representative. You can do this by emailing [email protected]. Our representatives can help you get what you need for your business.

We ship both domestically and internationally. As a result, our domestic customers score no minimum quantity, size, or style requirements on a single order.

Shop Bella + Canvas from a Distributor

Another way to buy Bella + Canvas products is from one of our national wholesale distributor partners. They stock Bella + Canvas in distribution centers all across the US. Therefore, allowing you to get the same quality products quickly, right in your backyard!

However, you also need a resale license to buy from them.

Score Bella + Canvas Without a Resale License

So, how do you get Bella Canvas if you don’t have a resale license? Luckily, scoring the same quality t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, and other styles you love is still manageable.

Let’s say you’re a brand and want to print on Bella Canvas for your merchandise and resale to your customers. There are two easy ways you can get Bella Canvas.

Shop From a Decorator

If you are going to order through a local print shop for the fulfillment, all you need to do is tell them what Bella + Canvas style you want. They will then source the blanks for you as part of their full service — from order submission to finished product. It’s a one-stop shop.

Another bonus of working with a full-service decorator is that they can customize your products with any print or embroidery you imagine. As a result, you can personalize blank Bella + Canvas styles with your own designs, and the decorator will bring them to life. Of course, you have to order with the decorator, and they’ll take care of the rest!

This option is excellent for brick-and-mortar and online businesses that want to handle the shipping and storage of products themselves.

Print-on-Demand (POD)

The second way is to order online through an e-commerce company that prints on demand. For example, Custom Ink or Printful are great resources depending on how you plan to go to market with the finished product. All the major print-on-demand or “POD” companies offer the most popular Bella Canvas products.

Print-on-demand is a great way to get started with both your brand and printing with Bella + Canvas since the garment is produced to order and doesn’t require any overhead costs.

Like a decorator or local print shop, they can personalize your garments with custom embroidery or graphic prints. However, a POD may have more limited options for what they can do compared to an in-person print shop. However, this is still a great option if you’re looking for direct-to-garment (DTG) printing and easy customization.

Bella + Canvas for Crafters

If you’re a crafter who wants to bring your art to life on wearable garments, Bella + Canvas makes ordering easy. Our maker’s program for crafters is designed especially for you.

You don’t need a resale license — fill out our online application, wait for approval, and you’re ready to get started putting your art on everything from t-shirts to sweatpants. It’s that easy!

This program is excellent for U.S. resident artisans who want access to our over 300 colors across styles and see their creations come to life.

Scoring Bella + Canvas from Resellers

So, what if you’re looking to buy in smaller quantities for personal projects, DIY, or because you’re decorating as a hobby? You can buy Bella + Canvas from blank online resellers like Jiffy Shirts or in-person from places like Michael’s Craft store.

Shop Bella + Canvas for Your Own Closet

Let’s say none of that applies to you. You don’t have a resale license, you’re not running a brand or business, and you want Bella + Canvas to wear.

Shopping for your favorite styles, colors, and fits is manageable. Check out our retail website and brick-and-mortar stores to score those same Bella + Canvas styles you know and love! We offer unique styles and colors made just for retail with the same integrity and quality you’ve come to appreciate.

There’s something for everyone to love, with women’s, men’s, and unisex styles. Check out our retail site to find something more to love for your closet!

Bella + Canvas Blanks for All

Whether you’re a brand looking to score wholesale styles for your business, a DIY’er looking for products projects, a crafter looking to bring your designs to life with wearable art, or you want those same comfortable styles to add to your closet, Bella + Canvas makes it easy to score the styles you love.

With options to shop online, in person, with our qualified decorators and more, there’s a way for everyone to find the same quality Bella + Canvas styles. So shop around our site and explore your favorite styles today!

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At Bella + Canvas, one common question is: How and where can you buy Bella + Canvas? That’s not a one size fits all answer. You can buy bulk wholesale t-shirts and other garments in many different ways. However, the best method will depend on you and your business.
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