Fitness clothing has become very popular over recent decades, and they are not going away any time soon. Whether you are at the gym or simply sporting the athleisure look on the weekend when running errands, fitness clothing is comfortable, casual, and great for a variety of occasions.

There are many different styles and garments from which to choose — including leggings, sports tops, and more. Of these items, hoodies are a popular garment that keeps you warm when you are outside and on the move.

If you are looking for the best athleisure wear for your brand, here is what makes a great fitness hoodie.


When on the move, you want a hoodie that does not hold you back. Some hoodie styles are very form-fitting, which can be great as they will not get in the way of working out, hiking, or whatever other activity you are doing.

Other fitted styles can be too tight and restrict movement. They can also be uncomfortable or not that easy to take on and off.

Search for styles that move with you, and allow you to do every activity and movement with ease.

Best Materials 

There are several different materials to look for in this style of hoodie. Each material provides its own benefits, so it is important to know the properties of each fabric. Some materials will be more comfortable than others, depending on the activity being done. 

Here are some of the most popular materials you will find in these hoodies:


Cotton is a lightweight, breathable material. It is insulating and retains body heat well. This makes it perfect for wearing while doing a light workout, playing sports, or doing other fitness pursuits. 

Cotton also absorbs moisture and odors very well. This means the odor of sweat will be less after a workout while wearing cotton, however, the fabric may stick to and feel heavy on the skin. 

Pure 100% cotton is an excellent fabric for less intense activities. It is often blended with other materials to get the benefits of both fabrics, while making it less likely to cling to the skin when sweating.


Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is very strong, moisture-resistant, and holds its shape well. This makes it a great candidate for many athleisure items, including hoodies.

Polyester is by far one of the most popular materials in fitness hoodies. However, it can hold the smell of perspiration. After a light workout, if heading to lunch or another gathering with friends, a blend with some cotton is a better option. 


Nylon is a durable synthetic material. It does not hold in moisture and dries quickly, making it a top choice for many workout garments. It is very stretchy, so it is often preferred in tighter hoodie styles that conform to the body.

One downside of nylon is that it is prone to static and pilling. It may not wear as well as some other materials over time, especially considering the frequent wear and washing that workout clothes undergo.


Rayon is another synthetic fiber that is popular in many types of fitness gear. It is breathable, moisture-absorbent, and movable, making it ideal for a wide variety of athletic garments.


Blends combine multiple materials to get the best benefits of each fabric. This is a top choice for fitness hoodie materials. It is common to find blends in fitness clothing, as it is specifically engineered to move with you, be comfortable, and minimize sweat from sticking to your skin.

At Bella + Canvas, we have tri-blend hoodies made from a delicate blend of polyester, cotton, and rayon. These triblends offer the breathability and insulation of the cotton, the durability and shape-retaining of the polyester, and the moisture absorbency of the rayon. We also offer this tri-blend in two different fabrications – a lightweight option and a fleece style. 

The lightweight option has a higher rayon composition, giving it more of that athletic material feel. The fleece option, versus traditional polyester, has a higher cotton composition and is made with polyester fleece, as in our white zip-up hoodies in bulk. This blend of materials also makes fleece warmer and more insulating for cooler weather.


Quality is another important factor that distinguishes a great fitness hoodie. While it may be tempting to choose the cheapest option available, athletic clothing is not an area to cut corners. Unfortunately, a cheaper price also often means poorer quality.

You may be able to get this style of hoodie for the lowest price — but it will likely be uncomfortable, itchy, and may not wear well. Since fitness clothing is often worn while sweating, running, jumping, and doing other activities, they need to withstand repeated wear and cleaning.

Be sure to search for a fitness clothing wholesaler that focuses on quality, like Bella + Canvas. Companies that prioritize using premium materials and ensure that each garment is carefully crafted, will also be able to guarantee that the clothes you purchase for your brand will last over time.

While it may be a bit more of an investment, it is worth it to choose quality garments, as you and your customers will immediately feel the difference. 


Even when working out, we don’t want to sacrifice style. We all deserve to feel and look our best — on the inside and out.

The best fitness hoodies are also the ones that match your style and meet your needs. You can find both pullover and zip-up styles, depending on preference and the activity.

There are times when a zip-up style that can be worn opened or closed is preferred, depending on what’s being done. At other times, a pullover style that can be slipped over your head will work best.

Both styles of these hoodies are available blank or with bright patterns, or in styles with custom printing or embroidery.

At Bella + Canvas, we have a variety of hoodies from which to choose, including both pullover and zip-up styles. We also have over 300 color options across all of our garments, which provides a wide-ranging palette of hues and shades to select for your clothing brand.  

Fall in Love With the Best Fitness Hoodies

Bella + Canvas has quality fitness hoodies that move with the body — whether hiking outside or relaxing at home.

Using premium materials, our hoodies are made to withstand all of the wear and tear that comes with an active lifestyle.

Explore our full selection of styles, sizes, and colors to get quality hoodies with no minimums on domestic orders. Whether you are searching for zip-up or pullover styles in a variety of colors, there is something for everyone to love! 

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Fitness clothing has become very popular over recent decades, and they are not going away any time soon. Whether you are at the gym or simply sporting the athleisure look on the weekend when running errands, fitness clothing is comfortable, casual, and great for a variety of occasions.
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