As a clothing retailer or wholesaler, you know how important it is to consider the next step for your business.

What styles will you stock for next season? What will you do with leftover styles from summer as you head into fall? How do you ensure you don’t have deadstock that creates a loss?

Getting a high ROI is key to growing your bottom line. But how do you ensure you boost your ROI when predicting styles for each season can be difficult?

Stocking up on wholesale blank pullover hoodies and other styles during the off-season is a great way to boost your business’ ROI and ensure success.

Why Stock Up on Clothes During the Off-Season?

Here are a few reasons why stocking up on blank pullover hoodies wholesale is a significant investment — even in the off-season.

1. Blank Hoodies Are a Timeless Style

Fashion used to have two seasons: Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. However, that’s no longer the case, thanks to faster production and social media.

Fashion trends are constantly cycling in and out of popularity — with some lasting less than a season for just a few weeks. These are known as “microtrends.”

While some fashion retailers may want to appeal to those trend-hungry consumers with every microtrend they can get their hands on, it’s expensive and quickly leads to deadstock. Furthermore, when a retailer is able to order and stock a microtrend, the next one is on its way in. In addition, the garment they have on their sites and in their stores is on their way out.

Stocking blank pullover hoodies you bought wholesale is an excellent return on investment — as a timeless piece, they’ll never fade in or out of style. As a result, you won’t have dozens of pieces of deadstock like you would if you stocked microtrends that are “out” just as soon as they’re “in.” 

2. Blank Hoodies Are Perfect for Year-Round Wear

While many consumers tap into microtrends, more conscious shoppers dab into “seasonless dressing.”

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean the hoodies get stored under the bed until the frigid winter hits. In summer, stores, offices, and homes are blasting AC. Yet, beaches, mountains, and many other regions are still cool in the mornings and at night — even if the afternoon is sweltering.

No matter the season or the outside weather, people want to be cozied up with a nice pullover hoodie.

Leveraging seasonless fashion and styling the same garments based on the time of year is an excellent ROI for stocking the same styles year-round.

In the summer, instead of pairing a blank hoodie with matching sweatpants and a denim jacket, pair it with a pair of cutoff shorts or bikini bottoms. Therefore, a great way to maximize your inventory and leverage the same styles you stocked up on in the off-season year-round.

3. No Worries Over High In-season Demand

As a retailer, you’re likely familiar with the woes of trying to stock styles in season. Unfortunately, supply chain issues in recent years have exasperated this issue.

While many hope these problems will lessen in the coming years, experts caution that economic uncertainty and supply chain issues will not likely let up anytime soon.

What is the best solution? First, beat the pre- and in-season rush by snagging pullover hoodies wholesale in the off-season.

You’ll have enough of this versatile design in your stores in a wide range of sizes, and you won’t be stuck trying to find alternative styles or pay a higher price due to high demand and low availability.

4. Snag Blank Wholesale Hoodies at a Discount

It’s no secret that off-season styles often sell at a significant discount compared to peak in-season demand.

Many wholesale companies will sell pullover hoodies, sweatpants, and similar garments at a significant discount around the spring and summer months. Therefore, the perfect chance for you to grab those same quality styles you want to sell in your store in the coming months at a discount. Plus, you don’t have to worry about possible production and shipping delays due to supply chain issues and high demand in peak seasons.

Buying at a lower cost means your upfront investment is lower — and you earn a higher profit. So it’s a win all around.

5. Ensure a Solid Inventory Turnover

A high inventory turnover usually signals that you’re selling lots of the clothes you stock, which can be great! However, this is one case where the phrase “too much of a good thing” can be confirmed.

If your inventory turnover is too high, it can signal that you don’t carry enough stock of the styles you’re selling — and customers won’t be able to find the style and size they want.

Stocking styles like pullover hoodies in the off-season is the best way to avoid this problem. Then, when you start the busy season with a complete inventory, it’ll be easier to replenish as you begin to sell that style.

And, when you sell out of other styles throughout the off-season, you can fill in the gaps with blank pullover hoodies — a timeless style that’s perfect for any and every season.

6. Customize Designs Based on the Season

One great thing about buying blank pullover hoodies wholesale is that you can customize them based on your branding, the season, and more. Each blank hoodie is a wearable canvas with limitless possibilities.

Partner with a print shop or embroiderer — or invest in the tech — and bring your custom designs to life.

As a result, a great way to add some extra flair to your blank pullover hoodies and keep things fresh for your fashion-forward shoppers. Plus, it adds value to those blank styles — an opportunity for you to earn extra money.

See the ROI of Stocking up on Blank Pullover Hoodies

Planning your next move and stocking up on blank pullover hoodies and other off-season designs is a great way to boost your business’ ROI and grow your bottom line.

Blank, timeless garments that never go out of style can quickly be sold year-round for various occasions. All it takes is a bit of creative styling to appeal to your consumers.

Snag blank pullover hoodies wholesale from a quality supplier like Bella + Canvas, and watch your ROI grow!

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The ROI of Stocking up on Blank Pullover Hoodies in the Off Season
Stocking up on wholesale blank pullover hoodies and other styles during the off-season is a great way to boost your business’ ROI and ensure success.
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