When shopping for shirts and tops, you’ll come across a wide variety of styles, materials, and colors. In addition to choosing between long sleeve, short sleeve, and sleeveless styles, you’ll also have a wide range of necklines from which to choose. 

The different necklines on t-shirts can change the look and feel of the garments, as well as guide what a person chooses to pair with them. If printing, embroidering, or otherwise customizing garments, necklines are a factor in determining the placement of the design.

To help you better choose the perfect style for your needs, here’s a guide to some of the most popular clothing necklines.

Classic Crew Neck

A classic crew neck is one of the most popular clothing necklines. Many of the t-shirts that you may have in your own closet are likely made with this neckline. 

It usually cuts off above the collar bone and has a half-circle shape when looking at the garment from the front.

It’s a very relaxed neckline, making garments with this cut great for everyday wear.


A v-neck is another popular neckline on t-shirts, sweaters, and other garments. The front collar is cut into a “v” shape, which adds an element of elongation. This sharper neckline style adds a bit of dressiness to an outfit.

This makes v-necks great for elevating a look, with bottoms that everything from jeans to trousers.

V necklines also appear on many hoodies, where the hood is attached to the body of the sweatshirt. The design creates a softer “v” shape but still gives some of that elongating silhouette.

If you’re searching for classic v-neck t-shirts, or perhaps brown hoodies in bulk, v-necklines are great for adding to your brand’s product offering.

Deep V-neck

A deep v-neck is very similar to a classic v-neck. However, the “v” shape in the front is cut much lower.

This silhouette is seen on some men’s and unisex t-shirts. It’s most popular in women’s clothing, on apparel items from blouses to dresses.

Deep v-necks worn without another top underneath, can add a racy vibe to outfits.

High Neck

High necklines are generally used popular on tank tops, sweaters, sweatshirts, dresses, and more. The exact place where the neckline lays may vary depending on the garment. Typically, it will be just at or above the collarbone and below the neck.

A high neckline is a great shape for those who prefer more coverage. It’s also popular on styles like tank tops, to give a varying shape to a casual garment.

Scoop Neck/Low Scoop Neck

As the name sounds, scoop necklines “scoop” lower than a traditional crewneck. They typically have more of a “U” shape across the chest. Low scoop necks are even lower than a traditional scoop neck, and show off more of the chest.

Depending on the style, scoop necks may be wide (extending further from the collarbone on to the shoulders) or narrow (cut closer to the collarbone and neck).

Scoop necks are often seen in more fitted style shirts that emphasizes the wearer’s silhouette. They can also be seen on flowy garments.


The square neckline as a fashion style, dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries. They were popularized again in the 1960s and are still present in today’s fashions. The square shape adds sophistication and shape to an outfit. This neckline reveals more of the collarbones than a standard crewneck style.

Square necklines may be a true “square” shape. Alternately, they may be a softer rounded square.

In a sharp square neckline, it will come down vertically on the chest in two parallel lines, then at a 90-degree angle, the garment will have a straight line across the chest. In a more rounded square neckline, it will resemble a squared “U” or oval shape.

Wide Neck

As the names implies, wide necklines come out farther towards the shoulders. They may, but not always, scoop lower than a standard crewneck. 

Side wide neckline styles come out farther on the shoulders, they may be nearly off the shoulders.

Tops with this style can help create balance in outfits where people want to make their torso appear slightly shorter or those who want to draw more attention to the collar bones.

How To Choose the Best Clothing Neckline

If you’re wondering, “What is the best clothing neckline?” there’s no one right answer. You will want to wear different clothing necklines for different occasions.

Consider the occasion: Where you — or your customers — are wearing your garments will greatly influence the kind of neckline to choose. For instance, wearing a slight v-neck hoodie while lounging at home, may be totally appropriate. For the office, however, you may be uncomfortable wearing a low scoop neck or deep v-neck style.

How you want to feel: Clothes can have an effect on how you feel, and feel about yourself.  Do you most feel confident when wearing a fitted garment with a square or v-neckline, or are you at your best while outfitted in a traditional crew neck or high neckline style? Consider how different garments will make you feel, and choose the best clothing neckline that compliments those feelings.

Any customization: If you’re planning to shop for wholesale garments to be worn as-is, you’ll have flexibility in choosing different necklines. If, however, you’re using embroidery or a print design to customize the top, you’ll have to consider how the neckline may alter where the design can be printed.

Explore Quality Clothing Neckline Styles

If you’re still uncertain of what you want in a clothing neckline, shop around to discover the different styles and materials available. Make sure that you seek high-quality garments, regardless of the neckline. In doing so, you will find the perfect combination of clothing necklines, fabrics, colors and quality to suit your needs.  

At Bella + Canvas, we offer dozens of different garments with many different necklines to choose from — including classic crewnecks, v-necks, high necks, square necks, and more. From crewneck sweatshirts and hoodies, to tank tops and t-shirts, there’s no shortage of different clothing necklines and styles to explore.

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When shopping for shirts and tops, you’ll come across a wide variety of styles, materials, and colors. In addition to choosing between long sleeve, short sleeve, and sleeveless styles, you’ll also have a wide range of necklines from which to choose. 
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