We launched our YouTube channel a few months ago in hopes of becoming a primary resource of information about the wholesale apparel industry and all things T-shirts. We release weekly videos on that channel (so go subscribe!) as well as blog posts to help educate and inspire you. But we’re not the only reliable resource out there, and in this era of information overload, we know it can be overwhelming trying to find quality sources. That’s why we put together a list of some of our favorite T-shirt and apparel industry resources. Keep reading to learn more!

Screen Printing Resources

Catspit Productions

The screen printing supply and equipment company gives an in-depth look at how their equipment works in action.


The screen printing supply company has a really informative and extensive collection of videos about all things screen printing. Check out their blog too!

Business Resources

Building your T-Shirt Empire

This is a podcast hosted by Cole from Shirt Agency (who you may recognize from some of our videos!) where you learn about DTG, screen-printing, internet marketing and interviews with professionals from the apparel industry. He recently did an episode about our factory tour, which you definitely should listen to below.


Charley Pangus

Charley creates a variety of types of videos that help motivate and inspire other artists and entrepreneurs. He also does awesome design tutorials!

John Santos

John is an entrepreneur and online influencer building a community that equips it’s viewers and subscribers with tools, tips, and knowledge of starting and growing a business. His moonshot goal is to change the world by positively inspiring, empowering, and equipping the future generation of entrepreneurs.

T-shirt Help Desk

This is another resource for those looking to start their own T-shirt business. Gary covers how to design, sell, print, market and promote a brand’s T-shirts online.

T-shirt Riches

This is a very educational resource for those looking to start their own T-shirt business. It focuses primarily on tips for low cost printing options like heat transfer – a great channel for beginners.

Jon Phenom

Jon inspires and teaches people to start their own brand. He has extensive knowledge about forecasting, trending, design, production, sales and merchandising, which he freely shares with his audience.  

Peer Resources

T-shirt Forums

This is a friendly online discussion forum for the T-shirt industry. There are over 100,000 members from around the world who are screen printers, embroiderers, direct-to-garment printers, heat transfer experts, fashion entrepreneurs and general T-shirt enthusiasts. It’s a place where these people can come to network and help share tips and information. BELLA+CANVAS is one of their sponsors, providing members direct access to our helpful content and customer service team.

Facebook Groups

In addition to YouTube, we find there are some great resources on Facebook as well, especially if you’re looking for information about specific techniques. You can request to join the groups and gain access to other like minded people! Here are links to some of the groups we love: Screen Printing Q&A, Direct to Garment Printers Society (DTG Group) and Heat Press for Profit (Sponsored by Stahls’ TV)