Have you ever felt overwhelmed trying to run all the business aspects of your brand while also trying to be the creative director and lead designer? It’s easy to become overwhelmed with trying to be the jack of all trades at your brand.

We know running a brand is hard work, but we’re here to make things easier for you. Of course, you already know that Bella + Canvas keeps you updated with the latest retail-ready silhouettes. With over 300 color options across all styles — and continually updating fits — you know you can offer your customers the trendy fashions they’re seeking.

Today, with the help of the Mayfair Group, we’re here to help you with a significant trend in the design world — the all-over print. Here’s a look at how you can incorporate this fun design trend into your brand’s garment offerings.

A Look at the All-over Print

Therefore, using all-over prints in fabrics for decades. Designs can be simple or intricate, depending on the desired look.

Some of the many popular all-over prints you may see include:

  • Florals
  • Checkers
  • Plaid
  • Newsprint
  • Paisley
  • Stripes
  • And more

Some all-over prints may repeat words, shapes, or other abstract designs. It can be done in an all-over print if you can dream up a shape or pattern. Regardless of the creation of the print or the colors, they’re a popular way people love to add color and excitement to their outfits.

Typically the all-over print look is made with a pattern that is the same throughout, but fashion brands are getting creative and tapping into a new look, as seen here created with the Mayfair Group. 

This look gives the classic all-over print a more abstract, Picasso-esque look. And it allows for more creativity and flexibility in the elements.

Creating an All-over Print

To get this look, Mayfair Group used the Women’s Cut-off Sweat shorts, the 3797, and the Unisex Drop Shoulder Sponge Fleece, the 3945. For styling, size up the sweatshirt to get this baggy look. 

While we used a sweatshirt and cutoff sweat shorts for this example, you can use any style(s) of garment you want.

Try a hoodie and matching joggers for a bright and bold winter look. Or, do it on a pair of shorts and a lightweight t-shirt for a cozy look that can be worn in the warmer months and layered for year-round wear.

The Design

Mayfair created this fun and carefree vibe for the look with different hand-drawn designs. Mayfair used a mix of florals, hearts, stars, and other artistic graphics. They also incorporated playful sayings, enhancing the lighthearted feel of the garments.

The designs chosen to decorate the sweatshirt and shorts were colorful and quirky, with a positive message. The elements cover the entire silhouette — including the sweatshirt chest, sleeves, and back — creating a playful, fun, and fashionable vibe.


Because of the high color count with the different elements of the graphics and the all-over placement, screen printing is not a practical — or feasible — option.

Instead, a digital screen hybrid heat transfer allows for the best color, image detail, and artistic appeal transfer.

Prepping also allows transferring multiple designs to the fabric in a single print. To achieve this look, print the designs on transfer sheets. Therefore, complete it with a gang sheet, printing multiple designs on the same one — maximizing the number of elements on one sheet.

Cut out the individual elements and place them as desired across the crew sweatshirt. While some patterns feature a symmetrical look, place the designs randomly to achieve this all-over print. Don’t worry about having them line up on either side of the fabric or making them spaced evenly to a “T.”

The purpose of this design is to be more accessible and expressive, so don’t be afraid to play around with the spacing and placement of the individual decorations.

Another great thing about this look is that because each element is placed by hand — with the freedom to feature different graphics, wording, and other factors — each garment is wonderfully unique. Therefore, allowing you to be more creative and go with the flow, placing different pictures and language as desired, is also a huge time-saver.

Once placing the different elements as desired, you’re ready to start printing.

The Printing

Once placing the designs as you want, you’re ready to start printing. Using the heat press, transfer the design onto the garment and peel off the transfer sheet. You can easily place multiple graphics or wording elements at once and print them onto the garment in a single transfer.

With the all-over look, you will likely have to do multiple printing transfers. Therefore, ensure you can cover the chest, sleeves, back, and shorts (or another garment) as desired.

Do this until the garment is as covered with different graphics and wording as you like. Then, give the design time to cool, and you’ve got a fun and playful all-over print!

Bring Your All-over Prints to Life

There you have it! The flexibility of the all-over pattern allows even the busiest of business owners to save time — while having fun and being creative — by placing elements more freely.

Choose a neutral fabric to make the colorful designs pop, or lean for bright-colored styles for an added burst of color. Then, pick the inspiring or artistic elements you’d like to feature on your garments. Next, print them onto transfer paper, place them as desired, and print with a heat transfer. Then you’ve got fun and fashionable designs ready to sell in your store.

This process is a simple way to bring blank garments to life with custom print designs and draw in fashion-forward customers who love to express themselves with bold clothes. Whether you choose to sell matching sets or individual crewnecks and other garments on their own, there’s no shortage of what you can do with all-over prints at your store.

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Get the All-over Print Look: Mayfair Group Design Steal
Have you ever felt overwhelmed trying to run all the business aspects of your brand while also trying to be the creative director and lead designer? It’s easy to become overwhelmed with trying to be the jack of all trades at your brand.
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