At Bella+Canvas, we want to make sure our customers can get custom t-shirts with no minimum order requirement. Decorators can take advantage of our Makers account to get the tees they desire that could help develop a range of new ideas they may have never thought possible. The following FAQ section can tell you how to acquire the products you need at a cost that lets you focus on exciting ideas instead of heightened prices.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Custom T-shirts With No Minimum Order Requirement

What are the details about our 3001 custom t-shirts?

The 3001, also known as the unisex jersey short-sleeve tee, is pretty much a type of t-shirt you’ll want to wear anywhere. It’s soft and comfortable, comes in dozens of colors, and it’s just as stylish for wearing for a workout as it is trying to impress your date at the new casual restaurant that recently opened. 

While we love the look of the 3001 as it is, we can’t help but get happy about all the decorating opportunities it brings. The tee also currently comes in nine sizes (XS to 5XL), making it a fantastic pick for a range of decorating projects on your list.

Why are our t-shirts consistently trending?

At Bella+Canvas, we’re pretty confident that our t-shirts are consistently trending because of how amazing they are and how useful our customers find them. Sure, the tees look good, but they have the added perk of being cozy and long-lasting, all three of which you undoubtedly want in a t-shirt. 

We can chat all day about how fantastic we think the 3001 and our other t-shirts are and why they get people talking. However, consider logging into your Makers account and finding out for yourself. Don’t forget to let us know what you think.

Is direct-to-garment (DTG) printing a realistic option on custom t-shirts with no minimum orders?

When you want to do DTG printing on your custom t-shirts with no minimum order, it’s best to gravitate toward ones made of natural materials. For instance, most color selections of the 3001 are made of 100% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, making it a great option to consider. Many other t-shirts that you can purchase via your Makers account are also composed of a natural material or a blend that includes cotton, allowing you to have many more tees to consider buying for DTG printing purposes.

The process of DTG printing provides you with the option of using a multitude of colors and implementing a range of designs. Chances are, as long as you choose the right t-shirt, there’s a design you can come up with using DTG printing.

Is screen printing an effective option for custom t-shirts?

Screen printing is typically an effective way to decorate custom t-shirts, but it has its limits. Opt for cotton tees, if possible, like the 3001. 

You can screen print designs with colors, but the process usually limits the graphic print’s complexity. Simplicity is typically the key to revamping the tees with screen printing.

Can I do embroidery on custom t-shirts?

T-shirts are an ideal complement for embroidery, and the art form usually involves clothes made of natural materials. The straightforward, blank design and often uncomplicated look of tees make them a wonderful option. Let’s say you’re all about the 3001. Options to consider could be embroidering right above the bottom hem, flush with the shoulder seams, or on the sleeves.

How do I get the correct measurements of a t-shirt?

One of the most awesome things about t-shirts is that there’s typically no hassle with measuring them. As long as you place them on a flat surface and the fabric isn’t interrupted by bumps or bunching, it’s easy to get the measurements using a fabric tape measure.

However, it can be tricky to get exact numbers, which is why it’s essential to take each measurement more than once. Measure, review what you have, then notate. When you go back around to measure and check again, compare those to the numbers you noted in the first place.

What kind of artistic ideas can you do with the t-shirts?

It’s easy to look at the custom t-shirts with no minimum order requirement and get inspired. Whether you want to do subtle designs or you’re going for a daring all-over configuration, plain t-shirts like the 3001 can be an ideal base that lets you experiment and take a chance on a creation you’ve been thinking about doing. 

The plain construction of the tees allow you to try diverse decorating techniques. For instance, maybe you’ve wanted to try embroidery, apply beautiful vintage fabric scraps you found, or freehand with fabric paint pens. The composition and structure of many of our t-shirts can allow you to find a new passion and try a range of projects.

Are custom t-shirts available in many sizes?

At Bella+Canvas, we make it easy to find custom t-shirts with no minimum in many sizes starting with baby and going up into several extra large unisex sizes for adults. We want everyone to look good and feel good, and that starts with being able to buy the sizes they need for any design they have in mind. Our Fit & Size Charts can give you a general idea of what may be available, but it’s vital to look at the specific current sizes for every individual product. 

If you can’t find the size you need, contact one of our customer service representatives. They can look into the request and help you get the answers you desire.

What can you tell me about having a Makers account?

For starters, having a Makers account is great if you’re a designer. You’ll have to pay sales tax, and there’s no option for will call, but you’ll get the perks of being able to buy from our collection of trending tees that come in a huge array of colors and styles. We’re talking about hundreds of options just for colors alone. 

U.S. decorators without a resale license are eligible to apply for a Makers account. We all know how important it is to operate legally (which includes having all your appropriate business paperwork in order). With that said, reselling items in the United States usually means needing a resale license.

Check out the state laws where you are for verification. When in doubt, contact a lawyer for advice. We offer the option to move to a Wholesale account when you get a resale license and can submit the proper documentation to us. 

Is there a restriction on sizes and colors in an order?

You can buy custom t-shirts with no minimum order requirement on sizes, colors, or any other limit. Whether you want to purchase one type of t-shirt in a couple of sizes or you’re ready to order a variety of tops in colors ranging from light to dark, you can do so when you order using your Makers account.

Do custom t-shirts with no minimums take a long time for shipping?

You have a say in how long it takes your custom t-shirts to get to you. Our United States customers can choose what shipping option they want, allowing for leisurely to as fast as possible shipping times. 

It’s important to note that when you place your order matters. Certain times of the year or after our weekday cutoff time can extend the processing and shipping lengths.

Custom t-shirts with no minimum can help you make your clothing creations as perfect in person as on paper.

When you’re overwhelmed with incredible ideas you just want to get out, you shouldn’t have an ordering quota with which to contend. Shopping through Bella+Canvas means getting custom t-shirts with no minimums if you’re in the United States. Plan on buying as few of the tops as you need to make the most of any fantastic tee designs you have planned. 

Why buying custom t-shirts via a Makers account is a big deal

A primary reason it’s a big deal to buy custom t-shirts through a Makers account is that you have access to an incredible inventory. Although having so many options can seem overwhelming, it just means more ways to expand your imaginative talents and design options. 

Fashion is about expression, not limits. It’s why we have such a vast selection of t-shirts available to order in as many styles, colors, and fits as possible. Show off your skills without feeling restricted.

Varieties of custom t-shirts you can buy via Bella+Canvas

Although the 3001 is a crew neck t-shirt, that’s not all the types of tees we sell through Bella+Canvas. We offer an entire range of sleeve sizes, necklines, hem lengths, materials, fits, and more. From baseball tees to tie-dye fashions, cropped choices to long body, there are enough styles that just may take you through the entire collection of your decorating ideas, no matter what you’re thinking of doing. 

An array of styles and materials for custom t-shirts with no minimum

It doesn’t matter whether you want to stock up on slouchy v-neck tees in a classic white, the 3001 in Christmas hues of red or green, or the slim fit tee in a solid black shade that goes with everything. You can get your custom t-shirts with no minimum required. Our tops also come in a variety of materials, including cotton, poly-cotton blends, and tri-blends, so you can choose according to your taste and what would be agreeable with the embellishing you want to do. 

How our blank tees can meet your needs

One of the reasons Bella+Canvas has such a vast inventory is that it allows our shoppers to not have to limit their creativity. Decorators who buy via their Makers account want to have the ability to stick to their concept without worrying that it’s going to be interrupted by not being able to find the exact tee they want. We ensure a fully-stocked inventory that consists of a mixed collection that can encourage the artistic process. 

If you can’t find the exact style you have in mind, don’t hesitate to contact our team of customer service representatives. We may be able to pinpoint some specific shirts based on your criteria that could help you get the products you’ve been searching for.

Bella+Canvas bulk buying saves you money

Creativity can be expensive, especially when you have so many ideas for what to do with the custom t-shirts with no minimum you want to order. Bella+Canvas offers wholesale prices, so you get to buy what you need at a much more affordable rate than what’s in stores, yet you’re not scrimping on style or quality or compromising your decorating methods. Before placing your order, see if there are any discounts you could use that could shrink the total purchase price. 

Decisions to make before buying plain custom t-shirts 

When you have such a broad collection to search through of custom t-shirts with no minimum order requirement, setting your sights on certain pieces can help narrow down what you buy. As difficult as it could be when you’re excited about all the different decorating possibilities, focus on what tees you need rather than what you simply want. Let your final vision guide you into what you should buy. 

For instance, if you’re planning on using black flatback glossy rhinestones to decorate a black t-shirt, the shine element can enhance it in all the right ways. However, if you’re planning on doing DTG printing and your graphic print is mostly black, that wouldn’t work well on a black t-shirt; you would be better off going for a t-shirt shade where the graphic will pop from it instead of seeming to fade into it. Keeping your designs in mind, from the shape of the necklines to the fits that would complement the concepts, can help you choose what your best items are to purchase.

Why you should consider buying directly with our representatives

Our customer service representatives can give you a more personalized approach to ordering than you scrolling through our website. Don’t get us wrong; we love our Bella+Canvas website, but our reps can respond to your questions, give you answers about your account or orders, and let you know more about making the most of your Makers account.

While you contact them, ask if there are any sales, discounts, or deals you didn’t benefit from while planning your t-shirt purchases. Our reps may be able to help you save even more money than you’re already doing by buying through Bella+Canvas.

Choosing sizes of custom t-shirts before placing an order

It’s important to make sure you have all the sizes in mind that you need to buy before you start looking for your custom t-shirts with no minimum. Yes, you’re going to be skimming the size charts on each product page, but once you get to those valuable pieces of information, you don’t want to be stuck trying to decide which one is perfect. 

Have the measurements in hand that you require for the custom t-shirts with no minimum when you get to the Bella+Canvas website. Each size chart will show you the specific measurements that coincide with that shirt, whether you’re buying adult or children sizes. Compare those available sizes to the measurements you need so you can get the tees you want in the right size every time. 

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At Bella+Canvas, we want to make sure our customers can get custom t-shirts with no minimum order requirement. Decorators can take advantage of our Makers account to get the tees they desire that could help develop a range of new ideas they may have never thought possible.
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