Hoodies are very popular items, with many people owning at least one. They were initially created in the 1930s, as a practical garment worn by athletes and warehouse workers.

Often considered a more casual item to be worn around the house or to the gym, today hoodies are worn just about everywhere – the office, on date nights, the red carpet, and more. With a bit of styling, and pairing with the right items, hoodies can be a very fashionable piece for a wide variety of outfits.

If you’re searching for inspiration on styling hoodies, look no further. Here are some tips for a variety of occasions and seasons.

Casual Hoodies for Everyday Wear

Whether lounging at home or running errands on the weekends, hoodies are excellent everyday wear.

Grab one in whatever is most comfortable — whether it is a fleece pullover with a graphic printed on the front, or a plain jersey zip-up. To show more personality, try an embroidered hoodie. The texture can add extra depth to the outfit.

Pair a hoodie with jeans. This is a great choice for working outside of an office, like at a coffee shop. If working from home, reach for a pair of joggers or other sweatpants to get a more streetwear-inspired feel.

Complete this outfit with a complementing pair of shoes. Sneakers are a great casual shoe that goes well with hoodies and pants, and are comfortable enough for daily wear.

While this outfit pairing requires little thought, it results in a well put together look that will carry the wearer throughout the day.  

The Refined Athletic Look

To bring hoodies into more sociable occasions, couple them with a blazer. At times, hoodies may seem like a more athletic item to be worn only to the gym. They are not. Styling hoodies with blazers creates a perfectly unlikely duo that renders a refined look.

Many NBA players, including LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and more, love wearing their hoodies this way.

The hoodie-blazer combo is said to have become popular with the all-boys school DeMatha Catholic High, where students often wore this outfit in the 1990s. As graduates moved into the NBA, they brought the look with them. This look is now popular with a variety of people, from professional basketball players to fashion aficionados and beyond. 

Perhaps a neutral one to add to your apparel brand, like white zip-up hoodies in bulk under a black, gray, or navy blazer for that laid-back yet polished look. Want a bolder feel, experiment with brighter colors — like an orange hoodie or a green blazer. To add even more personality to a hoodie-blazer outfit, try one with graphics or imagery printed on the front. 

A Coordinated yet Relaxed Winter Feel

Styling hoodies with matching sweatpants are a great way to wear them in the winter. The coordinating look is relaxed yet pulled-together.

When the weather turns to blustering cold, take inspiration from Cleveland Cavaliers player Kevin Love, and add a long trench coat over the sweatset. This not only helps to keep you warm, but elevates the look. For a more relaxed feel, follow the lead of Love’s teammate, Darius Garland, and opt for a puffer jacket.

Another great way to style a hoodie is to accessorize with sneakers and a baseball cap to give it a more casual feel. Add a cold weather scarf or combat boots for a slightly dressier look.

This hoodie with matching sweatpants combo is the ideal way to stay warm and comfortable all winter long.

Warm Weather Hoodies

People tend to associate hoodies with the colder months. However, hoodies are perfect for year-round wear.

Zip-up hoodies and lightweight styles are excellent for the warmer months. Zip-ups are ideal for layering over t-shirts and tank tops on those days when the sun goes down and the temperature cools. They are easy to slip on and off and can be worn zipped up or down, depending on the amount of chill in the air.

Lightweight jersey hoodies — in both pullover and full-zip styles — are great for those times when you want something light just to cover your arms.

Style them with varying shorts in the spring or summer, for either a casual or dressy look. Couple them with a pair of jean shorts, chino shorts, or matching sweat shorts, and you have an outfit that is ready for wherever the day leads. 

Styling Hoodies Throughout the Day

If you have a busy schedule that takes you from a morning exercise workout, to the office, to post-work dinner or drinks, a hoodie is the perfect companion to style throughout your day. It’s comfortable, yet easy enough to slip on and off whenever needed. 

Toss a hoodie over gym clothes in the morning. When you then head to the office, layer a button-down or another shirt underneath and add a pair of trousers. This keeps a relaxed yet office-ready look for working at your desk, attending meetings, training sessions, and more. 

If the day includes afterwork drinks or dinner, simply remove the button-down shirt and sport the hoodie on its own. Regardless of what the day includes, a hoodie is the ideal garment for warmth and will transition to wherever you’re headed next.

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