As a retail clothing business, you likely know how overwhelming it can be to find the perfect garments to sell in your store. As a result, there are many companies to find wholesale products from, with hundreds upon hundreds of styles, colors, and materials.

Where do you even begin when simultaneously trying to source fashionable, quality, durable, and affordable garments? It can be time-consuming trying to sort through all of the options available.

At some point, you’ve likely found yourself staring at a website, trying to choose which shirt to print on. First, look at the price point or the number of reviews. Then, you either go with the crowd and pick the highest-rated shirt or go with the cheapest. However, this only sometimes guarantees you’re getting the best products available.

From experience, not all tees are created equal, and choosing from a list of shirt manufacturers can be overwhelming.  

We’re here to show you six reasons why Bella + Canvas is the top choice in quality blank wholesale t-shirts and other styles.

1. It’s the Softest

Bella + Canvas has the softest t-shirts in the industry. However, this isn’t an opinion; it’s a plain and simple fact.

We remove 25% more impurities than the other brands when manufacturing our signature Airlume combed and Ring-Spun Cotton, exclusive to Bella + Canvas, and are much softer and more durable than C.O.E. options other brands use.

You and your consumers hold the shirt in their hands from the first second. They’ll feel the material difference. Gone are the days of stiff, rough cotton tees and other garments. Instead, with Bella + Canvas, you get the softest fabric around.

Your customers will be excited to wear their t-shirts, and they’ll notice the quality difference our material makes.

2. It’s Eco Friendly

At Bella + Canvas, it’s our top priority to use eco-conscious practices when manufacturing our garments. We’re well aware of the environmental impacts of the fashion industry, which is why we’re committed to doing our part to care for the planet.

From our practices in the office to recycling every spare scrap of material used in making our shirts, we take steps to ensure we care for the planet, minimizing waste and keeping elements in use.

We also dye the majority of our products right here in Los Angeles, with some of the strictest regulations on water usage and purification. 

3. It’s Fashionable

When selecting a wholesale fashion supplier, finding someone who understands the kinds of products your customers need is crucial. In addition, you need someone on the pulse with the fits, materials, and colors e in style, so you’ll draw in your target market and get them excited to purchase your products.

At Bella + Canvas, we continually update our product offerings with new styles, colors, and materials. As a result, we produce on-trend products that compete with what’s popular in retail stores, allowing your brand to be cutting-edge and stand out from the competition. 

And with shirts designed with a side seam and no tubular production, our t-shirts are made to fit bodies — not a large cylinder.

4. We’re USA Strong, With Promises of Fair Labor

At Bella + Canvas, we have more than 1,200 jobs — and growing — right here in the USA, as a result, extending from our Los Angeles facilities that boast 1 million square feet to our distribution centers all across the U.S. 

What’s more, we’re committed to ensuring our workers are paid fair, livable wages and treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. That means no sweatshops and a comfortable, pleasant, and productive working environment.

With a Platinum W.R.A.P. certification, it’s our top priority to ensure everyone who makes our garments come to life and gives a quality experience.

5. It Prints Better Than the Other Shirts

The difference is real if you compare print designs on a Bella + Canvas shirt to other brands.

Our Airlume and Ring-spun Cotton. Other brands use C.O.E., which stands for carded open-end. Many other brands use C.O.E. because it’s cheaper to produce. However, not only is C.O.E. scratchier and less durable, but designs also won’t print as well on this fabric.

It’s clear how Bella + Canvas tees significantly affect how well your custom prints will show up.

6. It’s Durable

At Bella + Canvas, we’re committed to creating quality goods that stand the test of time. Therefore, meaning no frustration from customers when the threads of their t-shirts start pulling apart after one wash or wear.

You’ll see no pilling, torquing, and shrinking over time. Meaning your customers will keep coming back for more. And they’ll keep wearing your shirt, giving you more word-of-mouth advertising.

Created with top Ring-spun and Airlume Combed Cotton that’s pre-shrunk, there are no more worries over garments shrinking multiple sizes in the washer or dryer.

That’s the Bella + Canvas quality you can experience.

Explore the Bella + Canvas Difference

There you have it — the six reasons you should print on Bella + Canvas. If you’re ready to learn more about apparel education and all things for growing your brand, head to our blog.

While choosing a bulk wholesale clothing supplier for your custom printing designs may seem as easy as selecting the cheapest option, it’s more complex. First, you want to choose a wholesale supplier who knows the difference in quality materials, mindful production, and thoughtful designs made.

At Bella + Canvas, we know what customers search for in their garments. That’s why we carefully thought about all aspects of production — from the cotton we use to the sewing methods chosen to stitch garments.

If you’re ready to explore quality t-shirts for printing your custom designs, reach out to a sales representative at [email protected], or fill out our seller application to get started today.

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6 Reasons To Pick Bella + Canvas
As a retail clothing business, you likely know how overwhelming it can be to find the perfect garments to sell in your store. As a result, there are many companies to find wholesale products from, with hundreds upon hundreds of styles, colors, and materials.
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