Hoodies are a timeless item. Since their beginnings nearly 100 years ago, they have only increased in popularity. They can be found in closets across the globe, and are worn in a wide variety of settings — including at home, the gym, in the office, and even for dressier occasions.

Because they are often associated with loungewear and athleisure, it can be easy to get into the routine of only wearing hoodies with sweatpants and leggings. However, finding different ways to wear them in everyday wardrobes is filled with near boundless possibilities.  

If you are looking for ideas to get your customers to take their sweatshirts out of the house and into the world, here are some creative, trendsetting ways to style hoodies.

Layer With a Denim Jacket

Pairing a hoodie with a light or dark wash denim jacket is a perfect combination that simply doesn’t go out of style.

Give this classic combo a fresh look with, or experiment with textures. Consider a distressed denim jacket, or one with patches on the back or sleeves for a vintage vibe. A sleeveless denim jacket for an edgier look will also show off more of the hoodie.

This outfit can easily be paired with a number of bottoms, from jeans to leggings and more. Black denim jacket adds contrast to bluejeans, and helps balance the outfit with denim on the top and bottom. For a bold yet retro Y2K trend, a hoodie can be styled with a Canadian tuxedo, i.e., a matching denim jacket and jeans.

No matter how the denim jacket and hoodie are paired, this is a trendy, eye-catching combo.

Pair It With a Flannel

To layer a hoodie, wear flannel over it. This pairing is laid-back and comfortable, in either a checkered or plain design.

Another great thing about this look is that it can be dressed up or down. For a more dressed-down look, take inspiration from A$AP Rocky and pair with straight-leg sweatpants or joggers and a pair of sneakers. This gives more of a streetwear-inspired feel.

To dress up this look, opt for jeans and a pair of boots. This gives the outfit more of a refined look that is also easygoing.

Dress up Hoodies to Look High-Fashion

Fashion week showed that high-fashion hoodies will be a trendsetting style this fall. While some people may think “high-fashion” means “expensive,” that is not always the case. Instead, style the hoodie in ways to have that luxurious feel.

For example, pairing a white zip-up hoodie in bulk with a pale pink tulle, pleated, or silk skirt can add depth to an outfit and give it a high-fashion look. A hoodie can be paired with sleek, fitted pants and a pair of heels for added elegance.

Keeping the look minimal — with no printing or graphics on your hoodie — may seem like the best way to achieve this look. However, opting for a hoodie with a clever saying, fun photo prints, or embroidery can be a great way to add texture and personality to this trendsetting outfit.

Accessories are key to topping off this look. Add glitzy earrings, a bracelet, or a watch, and you have a sophisticated outfit that looks as if you just stepped off the runway.

Lean Into Punk and Grunge Fashion

The Hoodie’s rise to popularity was intertwined with the rise of hip-hop and punk culture from the 1970s through the 1990s. Punk and grunge styles have seen a large uptick within the last year, as people are taking inspiration from “2014 Tumblr grunge.” Be a fashion trendsetter by styling a hoodie in punk and grunge fashion.

Achieve this look by pairing a hoodie with a plaid skirt or pants. Leather pants, skirts, and jackets also make a great compliment to the punk-inspired hoodie look. They can also be paired with ripped jeans, a pair of black combat boots, and a favorite black pullover hoodie. Wearing a zip-up hoodie with a plaid skirt, fishnets, and ankle socks with patent leather platform boots emanates a true punk vibe.

Punk and grunge styles are also great for showing off different graphics, band logos, and sayings on hoodies. Get creative and experiment with different textures, dark colors, layers, and black combat boots. 

Coordinated With Matching Sweatpants

One great thing about hoodies is that they go with practically everything. Pair them with matching sweatpants to take the hoodie to the next level.

A hoodie and coordinating sweatpants are relaxed, yet looks well put together. They are comfortable enough to wear while lounging around at home, and at the same time, are polished enough to go just about anywhere –  from brunch to a night out with friends.

Simple jewelry, a pair of sneakers, and a baseball cap give an extra touch of personality to this outfit.

Matching sweatsuits are also available in styles and colors to suit nearly everyone’s personal taste. From full-zip hoodies, pullovers, straight-leg sweatpants, or joggers, there is something that compliments a variety of personal preferences. At Bella + Canvas, we have over 300 color options across all our styles — so you should find coordinating hoodie and sweatpants sets in the preferred colors for your brand.

While there are many color combinations to choose from for sweatsets, pink and green are predicted to be popular colors for 2023. Opting for a matching sweatsuit in either of these colors is a surefire way to be trendsetting.

Discover the Best Trendsetting Hoodies

While hoodies are perfect for wearing while lounging, there are many other ways to style them.  Pairing hoodies with different textures, colors, and patterns provides many opportunities to express personal styles by experimenting with different clothing pieces. 

If you are looking for fashion-forward hoodies, look no further than Bella + Canvas. We have dozens of styles and colors to choose from, including hoodies, pullovers, cropped styles, and more.

We are always adding new items to our website to keep current with the best selection of fashion-forward styles. Discover the full collection of garments and find the perfect hoodie to create your own trendsetting outfits for your brand.

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5 Trendsetting Ways to Wear Your Hoodies
Hoodies are a timeless item. Since their beginnings nearly 100 years ago, they have only increased in popularity. They can be found in closets across the globe, and are worn in a wide variety of settings — including at home, the gym, in the office, and even for dressier occasions.
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