When shopping for wholesale t-shirts, there are plenty of options to explore. There’s a wide range of wholesale suppliers with various fits, colors, and sizes. But how do you know which t-shirt, and the brand that makes it, is the best?

Is there a big difference between the Bella + Canvas tee and the other brands?

Type “The difference between Bella + Canvas vs. X” into a Google or YouTube search, and you’ll find dozens of results — and even more articles and videos weighing the differences between our products and other brands.

We’ve read the articles and seen the videos debating this very topic.

Some people think a black shirt is black, so it makes sense to pick the cheapest option. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth, and there are many important factors to consider when choosing a t-shirt to sell in your shop — from quality materials to the methods used to produce the garment.

We’re going to detail firsthand why the 3001 tee is, in fact, better than other options on the market. Here are five things you need to learn about the Bella + Canvas 3001.

  1. Top Quality Cotton

Our combed 3001 and ring-spun cotton – it’s Airlume Combed and Ringspun Cotton, a signature cotton only used by Bella + Canvas and is 25% cleaner than the other brands, meaning removing more of the impurities from cotton. This material also makes it a softer and smoother shirt, so it’s a better surface to print on. 

It’s very soft on the skin and wears very well over time. Your customers will feel the difference this lush material makes.

  1. Side Seams

Another thing that makes our 3001 top quality is that it has a side seam.

Many people don’t know this, but this is one of the indicators you’re dealing with a premium tee. The side seam allows the shirt to be shaped and cut to fit your customers’ bodies better. 

The only reason a tubular tee exists is that it’s cheaper. Therefore, tubular tees skip a whole portion of the production process. Ignoring this critical step results in inferior quality, more ill-fitting tees — which many customers will be less than thrilled about.

  1. Unbeatable Color Variety Options

At Bella + Canvas, we pride ourselves on having over 300 color options across our products. So whether your brand has primarily neutral tones or thrives on bright and bold shades, there’s something for everyone to love.

Our 3001 is available in more colors than any other brand. We currently have 76 colors to choose from, which doesn’t even include the 69 heather colors we offer in CVC.

Another great benefit is that our black-and-white tees are truly black and white. Some other brands have yellow-tinted white shirts and green-tinted black shirts. This hue can be off-putting for customers and often needs to wear better over time. Yellow-tinted whites become much more yellow, and green-tinted blacks lose their darkness, showing more of the green.

When customers see the colors don’t last the test of time, it makes them feel the product is cheaper — and they’ll be frustrated having to replace it soon after purchase.

  1. Preshrunk Material

Another reason the 3001 stands out: is preshrunk, a big deal not only because of the fit your customer will get but also because of your design.

Shrinkage could be more predictable. And cotton can shrink as much as 20% — changing the measurements of a garment down a size, if not more.

T-shirts (and other garments) can:

  • Shrink in (on the sides/width)
  • Shrink up (in length)
  • Both

When this happens, it distorts the shirt and your design, making the product ill-fitting for the customer, and can damage the intricate designs you spent time and effort printing or embroidering onto the garment.

At Bella + Canvas, we shrink our fabric before it’s ever cut and sewn, bringing the probability of shrinking drastically under the industry standard. As a result, your customers no longer have to worry about drastic shrinkage, and you have less to worry about returns and exchanges over a t-shirt that was a perfect fit — but only until the first wash.

  1. Eco-friendly and Ethical Production

At Bella + Canvas, we strive to be different in everything we do — including making our ever-loved 3001 t-shirts eco-friendly and ethically.

We’re well aware of the fashion industry’s environmental impacts and aim to be as mindful in our processes as possible. That’s why we’ve carefully considered each aspect of production.

As a result, it extends from our energy-efficient practices in our production facilities to the fact that every scrap is recycled. So any leftover material is turned into dog bed stuffing, pillow stuffing, and baby bibs.

It’s also crucial for us to ensure that those who make our products have the fair pay and rights they deserve. That’s why we make it a top priority to ensure our workers are guaranteed safe conditions and the livable wages they earn. Additionally, all our facilities are WRAP certified, providing safe working environments, fair pay, and no sweatshops.

See the 3001 Difference

Explore new factors to consider next time you decide which shirt to print on. First, we know how overwhelming it can be to sort through the many options available — from different wholesale suppliers and different colors and materials.

We encourage you to look for a supplier that focuses on quality, fashion-forward designs in various colors to suit your brand’s needs. Therefore, ensuring you can give your customers the styles they want, in the quality they seek.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Bella + Canvas difference — and what sets our products apart from other brands — be sure to check out our blog for a deep dive into the exciting world of textile manufacturing.


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5 Things You Didn't Know About the 3001
When shopping for wholesale t-shirts, there are plenty of options to explore. There’s a wide range of wholesale suppliers with various fits, colors, and sizes. But how do you know which t-shirt, and the brand that makes it, is the best?
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