So many customers want to better understand the pro-con list for buying blanks verses doing their own cut and sew. At BELLA+CANVAS, we’ve perfected our craft of creating the best off-the-shelf blanks in the industry to save people the headache of going down that cut and sew route. Recently, custom apparel company, Apliiq, came by our factory and did a deep dive into everything that goes into cut and sew, so they could set the record straight on this commonly-asked question.

Check out the video below and read Apliiq’s guest post on why they are big believers that using a blank is better than working from scratch!

10 Reasons to Say Yes to Blank Garments

Keep your Time in Mind

When you’re working on your brand, the most important and valuable resource is your time. Every minute that you spend on the manufacturing of your clothing is time you are not spending connecting with customers, building your audience, etc. That said, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend ample time building a product that represents your brand. What we’re saying is that it’s important to do things efficiently so you can spend time growing your brand. Working on blank will require less time than creating a piece from scratch.

Take The Right Risks

When you’re running a business, taking risks is necessary (without it, there’s no reward!). That said, when you create a piece of clothing from scratch, your risk is way higher than embellishing an existing blank garment. Creating a piece from a blank garment is not only user friendly, but it also lowers your risk of issues arising along the way.

Turnaround is Everything

When you’re creating something for your customers, a hard deadline is important. While blank pieces take around 2-3 weeks to turn around since they’re pre-made, items from scratch can take at least one month, sometimes two. To put it simply, that’s a long time to wait to receive your investment.

Size Right

If you’re planning to create your own custom style from scratch, you’ll need to create a pattern first. Pattern creation can cost thousands of dollars, and it can be hard to make an item work well for all sizes. Pre-made garments are available in all sizes, making sizing simpler than ever.

Make Sourcing Simple

It can take a ton of time to find the best supplier for each item in your apparel assortment. That said, using pre-made garments is a great idea because you typically only need to source one item – the garment. The best part? There are tons of different styles, cuts, sizes, and colors to choose from when you’re working with blanks.

Say Yes to Samples

Sampling is key when you’re creating apparel. BELLA+CANVAS’s sample program allows you to take a look at the styles you’re thinking of using before you order them in bulk. And once you have a sample you like, you can get the ball rolling on any other custom elements you want to add.

Prepare for a Sell Out

If you’re creating a high-end, quality product, it will sell out! That said, if you are creating items from scratch, you have to manage your entire supply chain. If you’re working with a pre-made garment, ordering a new round of a design is simple. Simply call your supply chain and place a new order.

More Is Not Always Better

Creating something from scratch allows for more options, but more options are not always better when it comes to designing. Many times, more options can cause a business owner to become overwhelmed, lost, and stressed at the number of decisions that need to be made. When you’re working with a blank garment, you have more time to work on your brand’s identity, which in our opinion, is most important.

Create & Curate

When building your brand, we highly recommend creating and curating different pieces that your customer will respond to. For example: if your brand is organic, work with environmentally-friendly dye. If you opt to showcase local talent, work with a local artist on a tee design. These subtle statements can transform a blank garment into something totally custom.

Show your Strengths

If your strong points are building community, reaching an audience, or designing gorgeous art, focus your time and attention on those things above all else. If you’re an expert when it comes to cut and sew manufacturing, go ahead and create your items from scratch. If you’re not, start with blank garments and build your clothing line from there.

Looking for the perfect blank for your brand? Check out options from BELLA+CANVAS need right here and head over to Apliiq to see how you can bring your brand to life with awesome customizations.