Tradeshows are full of opportunities—to learn, network, and invest in your business. With such a busy environment it can be hard to remember the basics and we thought we could help by outlining the best tips and tricks to attending tradeshows. Here are some of our go-to tradeshow tips…


Make sure to do your research on companies you might want to work with. Researching each company can allow you to prepare some questions specific to your needs. We would recommend 1-3 questions for each new vendor you wish to visit at the tradeshow.


Choose a few classes to attend. In addition to researching companies you should also research a few classes to attend. The classes offered at tradeshows may sound generic but these can be a great place to learn new things as well as create a scenario for networking and collaboration which brings me to our next tip…

Shake Hands

Networking is one of the most important reasons to attend tradeshows. By smiling, introducing yourself and handing out business cards are the best introductions you can make for your business. Building a relationship with your vendors, potential vendors, and other tradeshow attendees is easy and extremely beneficial to your brand.

Take Pics

Photograph anything that catches your eye, but you should ask for permission first. Many of the tradeshows prohibit photography of the exhibits but many of the exhibitors will not mind at all. Photographs are a great way to take notes of the products you are interested in or would like to research more. Another advantage of photographs is that they are a great way to compare and contrast competing products.

Stay Organized

Have a system in place to accomplish your tradeshow goals. Apps like Notes and Evernote are great for creating lists, attaching photos and keeping contact information all in one place.


Grab any available catalogs, swatch cards or samples from vendors you are interested in doing business with. It’s also a good way to jog your memory and recap the show in the days following. Our suggestion; bring a rolling case for the collateral you collect and make careful selections. By selecting only the catalogs and samples you are genuinely interested in it will not only save your back but it will save you a lot of post show reading.

Stay Healthy

Tradeshow days can be long and hard on your body so it is really important to take care of yourself. Dink plenty of water, make time for a healthy lunch, and a few minutes of rest.

Keep these few things in mind and you will have great success during our hectic tradeshow season. To find out more about BELLA+CANVAS tradeshows click here for our tradeshow schedule and come see us!